Whether the victim or the accused, we provide professionals, managers, executives and individuals with a set of clear steps to resolve investigations as quickly and effectively as possible. Our experience and legal expertise mean we can explore every available avenue to avoid going to court. If that is unavoidable, however, we will leverage the skills and experience of our entire firm to protect your business, assets and reputation.

Removing the uncertainty

White collar crime is a broad category of actions, encompassing money laundering, false accounting, fraud and bribery, among others. These kinds of corporate crimes can not only impact a company’s ability to operate, but also its reputation. Whether you are accused of a crime or involved in a regulatory or criminal investigation, you and your business need clarity and straightforward legal advice from a team of commercially-minded legal experts. The Blaser Mills Law team can advise on all aspects of criminal and regulatory investigations relating to white collar crime, and for all agencies and prosecuting authorities.

We have guided companies of all sizes through the investigation process, helping to reduce the stress and disruption that such processes can bring. We understand your industry, the regulatory landscape you operate in and, above all, we are experts in the investigation process. By providing you with a single, dedicated point of contact, we are able to embed ourselves in your organisation and act as an extension of your team. This allows us to be responsive to any developments and it ensures that you always know exactly what actions are being taken and what the next steps are.

Investigations relating to white collar crime are not usually simple or fast, but having a clear framework makes your life a lot easier. Let us manage it for you – we know the law, we know the process, and we know what needs to be done.

Taking a proactive approach

Our white collar and financial crime team has been instructed in some of the biggest operations in the UK. This includes Operation MFB, one of the largest VAT fraud cases of recent times. This is due to our reputation as expert partners for businesses across a wide range of industries, as well as our excellent links with leading barristers from corporate-criminal sets. Because of our dedication, hard work and track record of success, we are ranked as a leading firm for crime, fraud and licensing in Chambers & Partners and the Legal 500.

In short, we get results for our clients because we take a proactive and involved approach. We don’t think that sitting back and waiting for you to get in touch will always work best, and sometimes it is more effective if we take the lead and allow you to use your time and resources more effectively.

Identifying white collar crime

White collar crime is a term used to describe a wide variety of activities. The common thread between these different crimes is a financial motivation and the fact that they are committed by professionals.

Fraud involves deceiving individuals or businesses for monetary gain, and we commonly assist in securities fraud or insider trading cases. Embezzlement is a situation where money is removed improperly from a business, while money laundering involves trying to make illegally obtained assets appear legal by passing them through a number of legitimate transactions. Finally, tax evasion is a common white collar crime that centres on attempts to avoid paying the right amount of tax. 

Understanding the investigation process

White collar and financial crime investigations can often involve multiple jurisdictions. We have a track record of success in even the most complex and large-scale cases. It is this understanding of the process that our clients value, as well as our experience with every major agency. We can clearly lay out the process, what is expected of you and what the range of possible outcomes could be. We are commercially focused legal experts who understand that the law doesn’t exist independently of your commercial landscape. Discouraging prosecution and minimising the damage to your reputation or operations is always our number one priority.

Get expert help today

When it comes to financial crime investigations, having an experienced and expert team representing you can make the whole processes considerably easier to manage. Contact us to set up a meeting today.

To speak to one of our business crime and regulatory solicitors about any investigations relating to white collar crime that your business is involved in, ring us on 020 3814 2020, email us at enquiries@blasermills.co.uk or fill in our contact form.

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