Legal advice on Child Arrangements.

Decisions about the welfare and living arrangements of your children are a huge part of the divorce process, and emotions can run high for all parties and for others such as grandparents.

At Blaser Mills Law, we take a calm and methodical approach based on an understanding of your unique situation and decades of legal experience to bring often complex issues to a successful resolution.

Bringing clarity and focus 

We believe there is always a constructive solution to our clients’ issues, no matter how complex or emotive. The broad experience and skills of our team ensure we can consider a wide range of options. The team included collaborative lawyers and mediators (including child inclusive mediators), who can help you find a way to resolve the issue without the need for costly and potentially damaging Court proceedings. But, if that is where the matter ends up, we have a long history of successfully representing our clients in Court too.

We will guide you through the process of considering the arrangements for the children clearly and effectively. One of the values that underpins everything we do is that better results are created when we work together. We facilitate this by always being a reliable, trusted and honest partner in every situation. In times of uncertainty and stress, having an expert team by your side can help you make important decisions with confidence.  

Decades of experience and expertise

Our family lawyers bring decades of experience in successfully resolving a wide variety of child arrangement matters for a broad range of clients and circumstances, from national and international relocations, day-to-day living arrangements and protecting children from harm. Because of our combined skills and depth of experience, no option is off the table, including using collaborative law and mediation services to avoid litigation. 

Experts in UK, international and cross-border issues, the Blaser Mills Law team has reached effective resolutions for clients in even the most complex of situations. That is why a number of our family lawyers are individually ranked in Chambers and Partners, and we have a reputation as dedicated, expert representatives. Our divorce lawyers are also members of Resolution and the Law Society’s Family Law Accreditation Scheme. 

What is a child arrangement order?

A typical child arrangement order is an agreement about where your child will live and spend time, also including who they will have contact with and how that time should be managed. It will usually be drafted following the breakdown of a parent’s relationship. It is an incredibly important document, and we help our clients understand exactly what the process involves and the implications of the decisions they make. 

For our team, the two essential aspects of the process are guaranteeing the needs of the children are met and the importance of the children’s relationships with both parents and other family members is recognised. One example is the issue of grandparents, and we have helped many seek to establish contact with their grandchildren after divorcing parents have failed to reach an agreement. 

Child arrangements can also include specific issues that arise regarding for example where the children go to school, the faith they observe, medical treatment they might require and even issues concerning their name. Only certain people can apply for Children Proceedings. This includes parents, guardians or special guardians as well as anyone who currently has parental responsibility for the children in question. It is also possible to apply for an order if you are married or in civil partnership with the parent of the child, even if you are not the biological parent. We will be able to tell you exactly what your rights are. Others can apply but they will need permission from the Court prior to making an application.

How a childcare arrangement order can help you

The arrangements for the children are often the most important and emotive aspects of the breakdown of a marriage. When parents cannot come to a decision on their own, a child arrangement order or parenting plan can clarify everyone’s position and sometimes prevent future disputes. This is often a crucial step in determining where the child lives, when the other parent can see them and other aspects of their welfare.

An emergency child arrangement order may become necessary if you have concerns about the welfare of your children or if you are concerned they may not be returned to you. Speed is essential in circumstances like this, and our team is always ready to initiate the process.

Although child arrangements are often agreed informally, we believe there is a benefit in capturing this important agreement in writing. There are many ways to work towards this, and we are able to tailor our services to suit you, your former partner and your children. From family mediation and collaborative law to representing you in negotiations or in Court, the team at Blaser Mills Law will do whatever it takes to make sure your children get the most positive result.

When arrangements break down

We can help you communicate with your former partner about any issues in question and facilitate a constructive solution. However, if this is not possible, we have a strong track record of successfully taking such matters to Court.

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