Your creativity and innovation are what set you apart, and the intellectual property that results from it is an incredibly valuable business asset. Your intellectual property is there to be exploited in order to drive your growth and competitive advantage, but only if it is protected properly first.

Value, efficiency and clarity

We can make sure your competitors can’t profit unfairly from your work or trade secrets, and that you are in the best position to take products to market and expand your business. Our team will work closely with you at every stage of utilising your intellectual property. We will advise on protection at the outset, help you exploit your assets through licensing sales and acquisitions, and represent you in disputes – whether you are defending your business or taking action against others. Value, efficiency and clarity

A team of City-calibre lawyers

Our expert intellectual property lawyers can help your business achieve maximum value and competitive advantage from your intellectual property. After potentially years of hard work and planning, it can be extremely distressing to see your competitors benefit unfairly from your innovations. Equally, many businesses view protecting their intellectual property as the end of the matter, when in fact there are many ways we can help expand into markets, grow your business and take advantage of new opportunities. Your intellectual property is an important asset and we can help make sure it brings you as much value as possible.

We offer expert guidance and insight at every stage of the intellectual property law process for businesses that are just starting out as well as those with massive multinational portfolios of rights across a wide variety of sectors. Whether you are a clothing brand, entertainment company or a cutting-edge electronics business, we can do the same for you. We will make sure you have the correct package of rights around your intellectual property, whether through patents, trademarks, copyright, designs or another forms of protection.  We will work closely with you to decide which route to take to protect you from unscrupulous imitations, and ensure you have the commercialisation and licensing agreements in place to meet your strategic objectives. And if a dispute does arise, we are ready to explore all the options, including alternative dispute resolution, litigation and proceedings in the community or relevant national registries to ensure you get the best outcome cost-effectively.

Intellectual property is a tool for staying ahead of the competition, and its effectiveness depends on how well it aligns with your long-term plans. Our experience means we have been at the forefront of intellectual property law for years, dealing with new technologies and cutting-edge law. We always cut through the complexity and provide clear, cost-effective action.

Unique experience

At Blaser Mills Law, we are always looking to get the best results for our clients and sometimes this means doing things a little differently. When it comes to intellectual property disputes, we do our own advocacy, which makes us unique in the scope of the experience we bring to the table. This helps us go the extra mile for all our clients.

Active partners

We know you are not looking for legal help that is vague, and we aren’t afraid to give you our opinion. You’ve come to us for expert guidance and judgement based on years of experience dealing with every type of intellectual property matter, so that is what we provide at all times.

An excellent team, with an outstanding client list. Blaser Mills has a very good track record in the area.


Commercially minded

Intellectual property rights are about more than just the law, they are about the future of your business. We take time to understand your business, goals and strategy in order to always provide advice that fits in with your commercial reality. If an option might impede your ability to meet your aims, we’ll tell you and suggest an alternative course of action.  

Confidence builders

Intellectual property law can be complicated, but our approach never is. We make sure each of our clients has a clear idea of the process, the likelihood for success and the different options open to them. We want you to have confidence in everything we do so there is no room for uncertainty.

Creating value

We offer a level of intellectual property law expertise that can rival any of the large city firms, but for a more competitive price. Without their large overheads, we are able to invest in our team so that our clients get the best service, experience and insight.

Industry-leading service

Our success comes from our ability to understand the businesses and industries we work in, but also from the service we provide to clients. We are always available to answer questions, discuss ideas or talk business strategy. And if you need to leverage the skills and expertise of any other part of Blaser Mills Law, we can bring the right people and build a tailored team around you.

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