After all your hard work and dedication, you need to make sure your innovations are properly protected using the law. Your intellectual property is a valuable asset that may be central to the future of your business. Making sure your competitors aren’t able to benefit unfairly from your effort should be a top priority.

Strengthening your advantage

Your intellectual property could be your logo and corporate identity, or it could be products, services and processes like trade secrets, industrial designs and tools. It includes aspects of your branding, such as product names and corporate colours, your product or service innovations as well as any creative works like software. In short, it is your secret recipes and processes.

Whatever it is, it sets you apart from the pack and gives you a number of distinct benefits. It is likely your competitors will be looking to level the playing field, and some may choose to try and make your ideas their own. Especially in the age of the internet, companies of all sizes and shapes are at risk of having their competitive advantage unfairly chipped away through having their intellectual property and domain names infringed upon. We can give the strongest legal footing to minimise the risk and help you react effectively to any infringements or IP disputes that do occur.

The definition of intellectual property protection is creating a package of rights to stop others from profiting from your ideas and shield your market share. By using patents, trade marks, designs and copyrights, our expert intellectual property solicitors can prevent anyone else using your ideas for profit without your consent. If you’d rather keep all this secret, we can help you put in place processes and contracts to do so to keep your developments away from being released to all.

We are proactive partners, working effectively to ensure your intellectual property is as secure as possible. You don’t need to worry about the technical details, we will provide you with clear guidance and a strategic framework for maximising the value of your business assets. We have helped lots of creative, innovative businesses to growth and thrive thanks to using the intellectual property protection tools at our disposal. Your business is ready to take the next step, so let’s make sure we have every angle covered.

Strategic focus and deep insight

The intellectual property solicitors at Blaser Mills Law can offer you more than nuts and bolts legal services. We will help you identify your most important intangible assets, advise you on how best to protect them and then create strategies that maximise the income and business value you receive from them. Intellectual property is a tool, and its effectiveness depends on the business behind it. Our team works alongside our clients to understand their strategies, goals and challenges. This allows us to propose solutions based on your commercial reality, helping you achieve an efficient and cost-effective set of protections for your intellectual property. And if an infringement does arise, we are ready to represent your business and bring the matter to a positive resolution.

Patents, trade marks, designs and copyrights

Our clients want confidence and clarity when it comes to protecting their intellectual property. Getting the best results mean understanding the commercial landscape our clients and their competitors operate in and tailoring our guidance to fit their needs. There are a number of tools at our disposal.

A patent gives you the legal right to exclude others from making use of your intellectual property for a set period of time, but may not be the best type of intellectual property protection for your business as you are required to make your innovation public at the end. Trade marks can be used to identify particular services or products as yours, so that competitors cannot claim them as their own. Meanwhile, copyright protects creators with automatic ownership of their work, whether that is software, music or fashion designs. Designs protect the appearance of items, giving you rights to stop lookalikes. Ensuring you get the right value and benefit from intellectual property protection means thinking carefully about which of these are necessary for the future success of your business.

International intellectual property protection

The team at Blaser Mills Law has extensive knowledge and experience of drafting and submitting UK, European and worldwide trade mark applications, and through trusted partners who are experts in the relevant technologies have protected patents in a number of countries too. We can help ensure your intellectual and industrial property are both protected globally, as well as help you seek positive resolutions to instances of infringement.

It’s time for action

The sooner you act to protect your intellectual property, the sooner you can begin operating with total confidence. Speak to a member of our intellectual property team about your business today. To speak to our expert trade mark attorney Aaron Wood, call 01494 478 676 or send an email to

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