The world of information security and data protection is developing quickly. A data breach or compliance issue can result in serious financial, commercial and reputational damage for your business. It is therefore vital to have the right support and expertise to help you navigate these risks.

We can guide you through the legal and practical complexities to ensure that you are protected, compliant and ready to take full advantage of the evolving digital economy.

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Protecting your online presence

The internet has revolutionised the way we do business, interact, shop and share information. The opportunities for businesses are immense, provided that the right protections are in place. The speed of innovation in commercial technology means the law is having to adapt rapidly too. Businesses need to keep on top of a dynamic IT security environment, in an ever-more complex regulatory framework. The IT, security and data protection team at Blaser Mills Law can help you protect your business and operate in compliance with the law. 

In an area that is developing this quickly, your business needs a legal team with experience, insight, technical knowledge and a commercial mindset. We have been helping businesses navigate through the complexities and challenges of this new and developing area of law for many years.  From implementing and managing data protection and GDPR to selling goods online, our team can help you get compliant and minimise the risk of breach allowing you to maximise the potential for commercial success and growth. 

Legal documents and agreements can be complicated and difficult to navigate. We can deal with the details and  jargon and resolve the ambiguities to provide clarity  –  we provide our clients with clear, commercial and practical, advice and guidance.

We can help your business with all aspects of IT, security and data protection, including: 

Commercial & business agreements

Agreements are the foundation for all business relationships. We advise on a wide range of commercial contracts involving IT and data, including software (including website and app) development, software licencing and maintenance, reseller agreements, software as a service (SaaS), cloud services provision and outsourcing. We have significant experience of advising clients in relation to these often cutting-edge technologies, ensuring that their legal relationships with customers, suppliers and other key business partners are regulated by practical and enforceable contracts.

E-commerce, websites and distance selling

Selling goods and services online is a major part of many businesses’ strategies, and we can advise you on all the necessary tools and protections to take best advantage of e-commerce economy. As well as reviewing your online business processes, our expert team can draft your website terms and conditions, terms of use and privacy policies, as well as advise on any disputes that arise as a result of breach of these agreements. We have particular expertise at guiding you through the additional rules that apply when you sell to consumers.  

GDPR and data protection

The General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), enacted into UK law by the Data Protection Act 2018, has brought in a new regime of data protection laws. It applies to any organisation that processes the personal data of EU/UK citizens and residents and places stringent conditions on the way data is collected, used, shared and stored. The law affects every business, from huge multinationals to the smallest businesses because they all process personal data in multiple ways as suppliers and employers. And with heavy fines for non-compliance of anywhere up to 4% of annual worldwide turnover, the consequences of non-compliance are severe. 

We provide pragmatic and practical advice across a wide range of areas from data flow analysis and getting compliant to helping you deal with data breach and the consequences.

Our team will review your data flows and compliance documentation and processes, draft data policies, procedures and notices, deal with the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) on your behalf and defend you in civil or criminal proceedings. 

We can advise on your data processing agreements and provide guidance on all matters relating to data transfers including cross border arrangements, consent mechanisms and the electronic communications legislation. 

Data Protection Officer

GDPR also requires certain kinds of organisations to appoint a data protection officer. We can be your data protection officer or support your existing internal team. Our team are specialist qualified data protection officers with broad commercial and legal expertise. 

Article 27 EU Representative and UK Representative Data Projection services. 

Organisations not established in the EU that process the personal data of EU citizens or residents may be required to appoint an Article 27 EU Representative in an EU member state. We provide this service to a range of non-EU businesses. 

And following Brexit, UK companies that similarly process the data of EU citizens or residents may need to appoint an Article 27 EU Representative in an EU member state. We can be the Article 27 EU Representative for UK companies.

Correspondingly, post Brexit, EU and non-EU businesses that process the personal data of UK citizens and residents may need to appoint a UK Representative in the UK. We provide this service and combine it jointly with the Article 27 EU Representation for non EU/UK businesses. 

Domain names

With services going online and digital, every company has a website or web presence. Having the right domain name for your website is crucial and can be a valuable business asset. The commercial team at Blaser Mills Law will help you select and apply the best available domain for your website, register it so you can use it exclusively and resolve any disputes that arise from its misuse by a third party.

Protecting and exploiting your data

The ownership of your data is an issue of critical importance to businesses today. If you are generating or creating the data, or you are responsible for selecting, structuring, reformatting, analysing or enriching the data in any way, we can help you make sure you do so in a complaint way and protect your interests. Our expertise and experience mean we can help you with all issues relating to copyright in databases, database rights, infringement as well as the licencing of your data and databases. 

Cybersecurity and data breaches

The strength of your online presence is only as good as the protection you have in place. Every year there are millions of incidents of cybercrime, most commonly theft and fraud. The risks businesses face change almost as quickly as technology does, making it essential to take a proactive approach to cybersecurity. 

By carrying out risk analysis, data audits and strategic planning, we can help you manage compliance and lower the risk of suffering a cyberattack or security breach. 

If a breach should occur, we can act quickly to guide you through your obligations and to mitigate or limit the damage to your business and reputation. This can include helping you through the investigative and crisis management process to manage compliance and reputational risk. 

The ICO must be notified quickly as soon as you become aware of a data breach – when the thresholds are met a breach needs to be reported within 72 hours. We can respond immediately and help you determine your reporting obligations and if necessary, help you deal with the ICO and the relevant notifications. We can also help you with the steps you need to take to identify and notify those data subjects affected by the breach. We can help with every step of the process.

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