Personal injury and medical negligence litigation solicitors.

Injuries and illnesses caused as a result of negligence or carelessness can be life-changing or even fatal. You may be entitled to compensation.

We can help you and your family deal with the effects of your accident and make the most of the future – by recovering financial losses and ensuring you receive the best medical treatment. Our award-winning litigation solicitors will stand by you and work towards getting the compensation you deserve and need to move on. 

Giving you a clear path forward

Bringing a personal injury claim is something our clients will usually only have to do once. We know how daunting the process can be, especially if you’ve never pursued a legal claim before. That is why having a specialist litigation solicitor on your side is essential. At Blaser Mills Law, we work closely with our clients to remove the stress and make the process as smooth and straightforward as possible.

You can count on our nationally recognised solicitors to be by your side throughout your personal injury or medical negligence claim. We’ll always be there to answer any questions and alleviate any worries or concerns that you may have. We’re here to bring clarity to complex claims, which is why we’ll always talk to you in plain English. We make sure you know where you stand throughout the case and understand the next steps in the process. 

Our specialist litigation lawyers at Blaser Mills Law are known for their clear, pragmatic and straight-talking approach. We’ll be honest about the kind of outcome you can expect. At the same time, we’re creative. We look for opportunities and thoroughly research every case to explore different avenues to achieve the best outcome.

Legal support when you need it most

Personal injury solicitors

A personal injury claim is any claim for compensation you make after you’ve suffered an injury or illness resulting from someone else’s carelessness or negligence. At Blaser Mills Law, we offer a no win no fee legal service for people who are dealing with life-changing illnesses and injuries. We also support and act for families who have lost loved ones following fatal accidents or medical negligence. 

The kinds of personal injury claim we deal with vary from workplace accidents, slipping or tripping accidents, road-traffic accidents including those for drivers, passengers, pedestrians and cyclists. We’ve also guided clients through claims following exposure to asbestos and other harmful substances. If the injury or illness wasn’t your fault and has altered your life in some way, you may be entitled to compensation to help get back on track. Compensation can cover the cost of equipment and changes to your home, lost income, expenses for treatment, specialist care or funeral costs. In some cases we can secure interim payments for our clients to help avoid financial hardship, enabling them to focus on their rehabilitation. 

We know how devastating your illness or injury has been to you and your family, so we will give you clear steps to help you get the results you need to move forward.

Medical negligence solicitors

You should be able to trust the expertise and standards of care you receive from doctors, dentists and other medical practitioners. If you feel that someone has breached their duty of care, you may be able to raise a claim. 

Our expert medical negligence solicitors have helped clients get compensation following GP negligence, a surgical error, obstetric injury, misdiagnosis and delayed diagnosis. In some cases, our clients have found their existing conditions have been severely exacerbated, or they have developed entirely new conditions and symptoms. Bringing a medical negligence claim may feel like a difficult or drastic step to take, but it may be the only way to get compensation and we’re here to take the burden away from you.

When you can raise a personal injury or medical negligence claim

Personal injury or civil litigation cases of this kind need to be raised within three years of finding out that negligence has caused your condition or worsened an existing condition. Sometimes it may take longer to realise your illness or injury was the result of someone else’s error or negligence, and we may still be able to help you even if the negligence occurred more than three years ago.

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