Disputes affecting your personal life can be particularly stressful, and having legal experts to take you through the entire process can give you peace of mind when you need it most. Our aim is help you feel in control, so we will make sure you fully understand the legal processes involved, as well as your options and the implications of each. You can rely on us for clear, calm and focused legal advice when you need it the most.

A personal, straight-talking approach

Private litigation is a highly emotive area of law. When you’re facing a dispute involving property, money or a will, it’s important to fully protect your rights. That is why it helps to have a team highly skilled and experienced dispute resolution solicitors by your side, to give you confidence that you will get the best result possible.

Our team of private litigation lawyers comes highly recommended and we have a broad range of experience and expertise. Whether you’re contesting a will, facing bankruptcy, disputing with a tenant or landlord or you lost out because of professional advice you’ve received, we’ll be tactical to help you create a strong case for success. If you’re defending a dispute, we’ll quickly get to grips with your situation and do everything we can to give you clarity on your position and ensure you are protected.

The expertise we provide goes beyond law. We’re strategic and personal. We know this may be the first time you’re facing a legal dispute, so we’ll help you to fully understand your matter and the options available to you. What sets us apart is our straight-talking, honest approach. We’ll make it clear what you can expect from the legal process, from the other party and from the various outcomes, so you’re never left second guessing.

Private ligation concerns your personal life, and everyone has a unique situation. That is why we fully tailor our service, from our pricing structure to the legal advice we provide. We take a multi-disciplinary approach so that you benefit from the broad skills and knowledge across all teams at Blaser Mills Law, ensuring you get the best advice for your specific circumstances.

By your side

Expert legal advice forms the basis of our services but we’re most proud of our tactical and human approach. We’ll examine the strengths and weakness of your case, then plug the gaps to put you in the best position for success. You can rely on us to be resilient. We’ll take you through the implications of each option and protect your interest at all times, whether you’ve decided on alternative dispute resolution or tackling the matter in court.

Clear and transparent

The law is complicated, but it is our job to make your options easy to understand. We’ll give you clear guidance, free from legal jargon, and we put all the information you need in writing so you can revisit it whenever you need to. You can also rest assured that we’re readily available whenever you need us. If you have a question or a concern, you can speak to your lawyer and get the answers you need, quickly.

Nationally recognised

Our private litigation lawyers are highly regarded, not only in the region but across the UK. We offer the service and expertise you expect from city firms, but our prices are tailored to individuals. Our ranking in the Legal 500 is testament to the positive feedback we’ve received over the years and our strong track record of success. In short, you can trust the legal team working for you to give you sound and effective advice.

Tailored to you

Private litigation is always personal. The outcome you want to achieve depends on all sorts of factors, and we make no assumptions. Instead, we listen. Whether you’re concerned about costs, your family or your reputation, we’ll help you protect what matters most.

Speak to a dispute resolution lawyer

For advice from our expert private litigation team on your situation, call Sangita Manek on +44 (0) 1494 770 980, send an email to sam@blasermills.co.uk or fill in our contact form.