Land and property development lawyers.

Property development projects are complex and the legislation and policy landscape is constantly shifting.

Navigating these challenges and ensuring you get the maximum value from your project requires the right property, planning, construction, finance and tax specialists from the start. From site acquisition to sale, we will help you reach the full commercial potential of your development project.

A solid foundation of expert insight

The property development lawyers at Blaser Mills Law have experience working across a broad range of property development projects. From individuals looking to maximise the value of their land to large-scale residential and commercial construction projects, we add value by delivering clear and actionable legal guidance and insight. We will ensure you meet your regulatory requirements as well as creating a commercially focused, strategic framework to guide your development project. We offer a flexible and cost-effective approach, working as part of your team to ensure you achieve your commercial objectives.

Our success is built on providing our clients with pragmatic advice that delivers results. We understand that you need your lawyers to provide honest answers and realistic expectations, so that is what we do at all times. And because we have such a broad range of expertise at Blaser Mills Law, our clients can benefit from the specialist support of every area of our firm. From employment and corporate governance to data protection and finance, we have all the resources you need for this project and the next.

We believe that collaboration is the key to building long-term success, so our team will work closely with your project teams, accountants and lenders. Additionally, we have a network of expert commercial property agents, surveyors, accountants and architects that we can call upon if your project requires their expertise.

Land acquisition and planning

We can support developers from the very beginning of a project until the end, adding value at every step. We will help you select your development and perform all the necessary due diligence to make sure risks are appropriately managed as the project progresses. A central part of this is planning, which is an area where legislation and policy are constantly evolving. We can take care of every part of the planning process, from the initial application through to appealing decisions, drafting obligations or complying with enforcement notices or judicial review. Working as part of your team means we can respond quickly and work proactively on your behalf.  

The construction process

Our land and property development lawyers will make sure all of your Infrastructure agreements are dealt with as quickly as possible while helping to identify potential issues and suggest fixes where necessary. We are experts at all aspects of infrastructure, including highways, utility agreements and transfers of public open space.

Our team can also help you resolve any disputes that arise with contractors or any other party in the most constructive way possible. We focus on making sure there is minimal disruption to the project and that all parties are treated fairly, whether the dispute is over payment, contracts, negligence or defective materials.  

The practice is rated for its “excellent response times, industry-specific knowledge and commercial attitude.


Plot sales and disposals

Whether your development project involves a high number of plots or a handful of bespoke new-build sales, we can make sure the sales process is seamless and maximise the value for you. Because we have worked with you from land purchase right through to plot sale, we know your commercial objectives inside out and we will always make sure these are reflected in the sales process.

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