Our Tax and Estate Planning team provides expert advice to help you maximise and protect your assets. By making sure that the right legal structures are in place through Inheritance Tax planning we can ensure your wealth is passed on to your loved ones in exactly the way you want.

Legal support to ensure wealth preservation

We are here to support you throughout your life and ensure your wealth is managed and distributed in the way you want. This includes mitigating Inheritance Tax, Capital Gains Tax and Income Tax where possible to ensure that your estate is protected for the next generation. Our in-depth expertise and pragmatic advice means that you will benefit from a bespoke service that puts your family’s security first.

We work with clients, often over the long term, to implement tax-efficient succession plans. This can include trust creation, putting the right Will in place, giving lifetime gifts, charitable donations and various asset protection strategies.

We specialise in complicated and high-net-worth finances, and our tax experts deal with assets both in the UK and overseas. You can be confident that we won’t miss any opportunities to put in place structures that comply with legislation in any other jurisdictions that are relevant to your circumstances.

Expert Inheritance Tax planning

The current rate of Inheritance Tax is 40%. The Inheritance Tax threshold means no tax is payable on the first £325,000 of the estate left when someone dies, but above that figure, the whole value is subject to Inheritance Tax. However, there are a number of tax reliefs and exemptions that we can apply to reduce your Inheritance Tax liability. Our expert team can also set up trusts and restructure your estate to substantially reduce the amount payable.

This is a complex area of law and our team have decades of experience, meaning we can look at the overall picture and advise on the most cost-efficient ways of protecting your assets.

How we help with efficient succession planning

Our tax and estate solicitors will work with you to identify the assets within your estate and the various possibilities for the future. Our team will take the time to get to know you and understand your situation so that you can be assured their advice is right for your situation.

When drawing up trusts, your wishes for your family are the priority. For example, at what age you wish your children or other dependants to manage their own finances and for how long you wish trusts to remain in place.

We will guide you through making lifetime gifts and the amounts and timing needed to maximise tax exemptions.

Working with your family

As an experienced and trusted law firm, we work with families over time as their close adviser, helping to ensure their wealth is passed seamlessly from one generation to the next. By showing our clients how assets can be structured to protect them for the future, we secure the financial benefits for our clients and help them avoid unpleasant surprises and conflict that can arise when dealing with succession.

Effectively planning for the future gives you the certainty of knowing that your loved ones will be taken care of and your wealth will be used in the way you wish.

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At Blaser Mills Law we work hard on your behalf to protect your estate for your loved ones. Our team of Tax and Estate Planning solicitors will ensure you have the right structures in place, giving you peace of mind for the future.

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