‘Family Matters’: A new scheme for separating parents

A new scheme called ‘Family Matters’ is being launched by the family law group Resolution which will provide help and guidance for separating parents who do not qualify for Legal Aid.

Resolution Chair Liz Edwards has announced:

“This exciting new project builds on the approach that Resolution and its members have taken over the past 30 years: helping people manage separation and divorce in a way that minimises conflict and puts children first.  Our long-term aim is that this will provide a model for supporting separating families that can be replicated nationwide.”

Dedicated advisors to be known as ‘Family Matters Guides’ will work with separating and separated parents in their local communities to advise them on ways in which together they can reach constructive agreements focusing on the needs of their children.  The Guides will also help parents access other local services of which they may not previously have been aware.  Guides will combine specialist knowledge of family law with sensitive and tailored support for separating parents to help achieve lasting outcomes in the wake of family breakdown.

The pilot scheme will be operating in Crewe, Newcastle-upon-Tyne and Oxford and is being funded with more than £650,000 from the Department for Work and Pensions as part of their Innovation Fund to support separated parents.

Resolution was founded in 1982 by the late John Cornwell (who, sadly, recently passed away) and other family lawyers who ‘were concerned at the aggressive and confrontational approach often taken in family law’.  Most members of the Blaser Mills Family Law team are members of Resolution, and we are committed to the Resolution code of practice and approach in family cases.

For further information and advice, please contact our Family Law team on: family@blasermills.co.uk