First registration of a property

First registration of a property

Why is the first registration of a property important?

Since 1990 any transaction involving property, such as purchases, transfers and mortgages will trigger compulsory first registration.  If no trigger event has occurred or you haven’t chosen to voluntarily register the title, the title remains unregistered meaning that the physical deeds are needed to prove ownership.

Most property in England and Wales is therefore registered at the Land Registry which means that the Land Registry hold an electronic copy of the deeds. There are however still numerous properties which remain unregistered.

If your property is unregistered, it is advisable to instruct a solicitor to carry out a voluntary first registration of your property for the following reasons:

  1. The deeds for unregistered land are usually compiled of many old documents. Once the property has been registered, the Land Registry reduces the deeds to an electronic A4 document that is usually only one or two pages long with a clear plan of the property.
  2. With older properties, often some of the deeds have been lost. Voluntarily registering a property is an opportunity to rectify any problems on the title resulting from the missing documents.
  3. Registering a property provides some additional security against claims for adverse possession and against property fraud.
  4. Once the property is registered with the Land Registry, all the documents are kept in one place and can be downloaded from the Land Registry within minutes as and when they are needed.  This helps to make property transactions much quicker.
  5. The Land Registry charge a reduced fee for voluntary first registration

How Blaser Mills Law can help

Blaser Mills Law have vast experience in dealing with first registrations for a variety of titles –  from simple registrations of houses to large country estates. We can assist by ensuring that your property is registered, and if it is not, we can assist you with the process of registration. Please contact our lead first registration lawyer Shannon Terry on 01494 781368 or at