Getting to know…. Javita Malhotra

Javita is a senior associate in the Family and Divorce team. Having joined us in November this year, she has brought a wealth of experience to the team. She advises on all aspects of divorce and separation, financial remedies and disputes relating to children.

To get to know Javita better, we asked her a few questions….

Why did you become a lawyer and what type of lawyer are you?

I had never grown up wanting to be a lawyer. I studied Spanish and Italian at University and had never considered a career in law.  As my year abroad in Italy was coming to an end and my final year was looming, I decided that I needed a plan, I did not want to go down the well-trodden path of those with language degrees who become a teacher, an Interpreter or a Translator.

I decided that I needed a challenge and stumbled across the law conversion course almost by accident. Upon embarking on the GDL (Law conversion) it became clear (much to my surprise!) that I was really interested in the legal world and really enjoyed getting to grips with its many facets.

The area of family law is an area which I found to be particularly fascinating and is another reason why I decided that this was the area in which I wished to practice. The ability to assist people in their darkest hours of need and support them through what is likely to be one of the most difficult and life changing events is incredibly rewarding. Family lawyers are placed in a very privileged position; we are very often the only people who are entrusted with a person’s issues and concerns about their marriage before any final decisions are made.

The breakdown of a relationship is never easy. It is very common to feel a lot of conflicting emotions when in that frame of mind and making important decisions can be a real challenge.

I am fiercely protective of my clients and am determined to achieve the best outcome that I can for them.

Career high?

I was instructed on Christmas Eve many years ago on a matter in which a Mother and Father had travelled to England on holiday with their daughter from Lebanon to stay with family over here. During their trip, Mother fled, taking the daughter from the home that they were staying in, leaving Father upset and confused as to their whereabouts.

This resulted in an application under the Inherent Jurisdiction and resulted in a 10-day final hearing at the High Court at which an order was made for the return of the child. The decision was then appealed by the Mother and following a hearing in the Court of Appeal it was found that the decision should stand. The Mother then proceeded to make an application to the European Court of Human Rights which was further rejected.

I was tasked with collecting the child from the High Court (as she had been traced and recovered by Tipstaff) and re-uniting her with her father.

Once we had clearance that the Mother could no longer make any further applications to appeal the decision, under the order, I had to deliver the child to the airport and ensure that she was put on the plane to return home with her father.

This was a fast moving case, but eventually resulted in the child being returned home.

Why should you be my lawyer? 

I recognise that every case is different and represents unique challenges and solutions. I am committed to achieving the best outcome for my clients and ensure that time is given to understand their needs. I adopt a very down to earth approach and understand that instructing a lawyer can be incredibly stressful for many clients.

The client relationship is really important to me and I strive to provide a quality service.

Tell us something about Blaser Mills…

It is a really caring firm which really nurtures and encourages career development. Each and every staff member is lovely and all play their part in providing the excellent service which Blaser Mills is becoming synonymous with.

What job would you do if you hadn’t become a lawyer?

A helicopter based paramedic! As a child, I used to love watching the programme “Helicopter Heroes.” I was fascinated by the speed at which they were able to work and the fact that they were constantly having to make life-changing decisions.  Looking back, this is unlikely to have been a stress free alternative though!

What do you do in your spare time?

I enjoy travelling and have a long list of faraway destinations that I would love to visit. I also love going to the theatre.

If you have any family law related issues that you would like to discuss  with Javita, she can be contacted on 01494 781358 or by email at