Getting to know… Laura Webster

Getting to know… Laura Webster

Laura is an Associate Solicitor in the Family & Divorce, who qualified into this area in 2016 following 6 months in the department. To get to know Laura better, we asked her a few questions…

Why did you become a lawyer and what type of lawyer are you?

Unlike most lawyers, I didn’t actually set out to embark on this career from a young age. I did my first degree in English Literature and Hispanic Studies and had ideas of becoming a teacher or a Spanish interpreter. My passion for law was cultivated when I secured my first full-time job post university as a Personal Assistant in a law firm and worked my way up from there. My experience in progressing up the ranks from PA to solicitor has given me a well-rounded experience, not just in all aspects of a law firm but in terms of life skills. I like to think of myself as the type of lawyer who applies a practical and common sense approach to law in order to find the best solution for my clients that is tailored to their individual needs.

Career high?

The highlights of the job for me are always the positive feedback from clients at the end of a case. Due to the nature of our area, we often meet with people who are experiencing extremely difficult times and being able to guide them through what can be a very emotional process and alleviate some of the pressures which family disputes involve can be highly rewarding. Knowing that your personal input has made a difference to someone’s life is by far the greatest return.

Why should you be my lawyer? Why should I contact you and not someone else?

For me, each client’s case is just as important as another, regardless of the type of case you have been instructed on. In an era where we have quick and easy access to a vast number of professionals, it is always a privilege to be instructed as somebody’s representative. One thing I think all my clients would say about me is that I am approachable and sensitive to the difficult personal circumstances my clients face. Many people find lawyers intimidating and I think a down-to-earth approach helps clients to communicate with their lawyer which in turn enables us to get a good understanding of their case in order to apply the best approach to reach the best outcome.

Tell us something about Blaser Mills…

Having trained with the firm it feels like a bit of a second family to me. I have had the opportunity to work in most offices and departments and have gotten to know the majority of people in the firm. I had a fair amount of experience working in different firms prior to starting my training contract, so I had a good understanding of the type of firm I wanted to train and qualify into. Blaser Mills offered the perfect training contract for me with a good balance between feeling supported and well supervised yet with the scope to take responsibility for your own work and use your initiative.

What job would you do if you hadn’t become a lawyer?

I would definitely have gone into something using my knowledge of Spanish, although I think my ideal job would be a food critic. This would enable me to legitimise doing two of the things I love most, which is travelling and eating.

What do you do in your spare time?

Reading is one of the most relaxing pastimes for me. I love to get lost in fiction novels and particularly enjoy crime thrillers. I have quite a hectic social life and enjoy finding new and exciting hot spots to meet friends and experience new culinary delights. I also love to travel and enjoy planning multi-trips and adventure holidays.

If you have any family law related issues and would like to discuss these with Laura, she can be contacted on 01494 478684 or by email at