ICO clamp down on spam texters

The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has served monetary penalties totalling £440,000 on two owners of a marketing company, Tetrus Telecoms, which has plagued the public with millions of unlawful spam texts over the past three years.

This is the first time that the ICO has used its power to issue a monetary penalty for a serious breach of the Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations (PECR) since these powers were approved in January 2012. PECR requires that the sender be identified and that the recipient consent and neither requirement was fulfilled in this case resulting in a huge volume of unsolicited texts. If replies were received they were sold on at considerable profit.

The ICO is also currently considering issuing penalties to three other companies believed to be acting in breach of the regulations as the office continues its crackdown on the illegal marketing industry.

Information Commissioner, Christopher Graham, said:

“The public have told us that they are distressed and annoyed by the constant bombardment of illegal texts and calls and we are currently cracking down on the companies responsible, using the full force of the law.”

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