Like many couples out there, I should have been counting down to my ‘big day’ having been due to get married this summer.

However, the inevitable result of Covid-19 and the restrictions imposed by the Government on weddings has meant that most couples due to get married in 2020 have had to take steps to postpone, reschedule or cancel their weddings.

Unfortunately for a number of couples, in part due to the unprecedented nature and impact of the pandemic, are finding that postponing, rescheduling or cancelling a wedding is not necessarily a simple administrative task and some couples are facing:

  • Disputes with venues/suppliers regarding contract terms including in relation to refunds of deposits paid and cancellation terms;
  • Disputes with insurance companies regarding cover for Covid-19 related losses;
  • The uncertainty and potentially significant losses caused by a venue/supplier becoming insolvent.

For other couples, in light of the Government announcement that wedding ceremonies may proceed to a limited extent from 4 July 2020, there may be questions surrounding the legality of any intended ceremony or the options available given that any wedding that takes place over the next few months will likely be very different to that envisaged when planning/entering into a contract for the same.

Of course, it is not just weddings that have been affected, ‘mass gatherings’ in general have been restricted including parties and other celebrations and events.   

Ultimately, in any dispute, the key document is the contract. However, it is also important to establish whether it is you or your venue who are seeking the postponement, amendment or cancellation, or whether there are in fact grounds to argue that there has been a ‘frustration’ of the contract on the basis that the contract has become impossible to perform or substantially different from what was intended.

This can be an extremely complex area of the law and with the enormous stress of having to postpone your wedding, it is wise to seek expert legal advice at an early stage. 

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