Many people have assets stored online but few consider what will happen to them in the event of their death.

Think of what you hold online – priceless photos and videos of family and friends, e-mails and social networking accounts, music libraries or perhaps even a personal blog or an online business. In this digital age, some of us will also hold paperless online bank accounts. The existence of all of these digital assets could be lost forever after your death unless a proper course of action has been prepared in advance.

Our solicitors understand the importance of such assets to our clients and can recommend a suitable course of action tailored to your individual needs.

This would include:

  • discussing the extent and content of your digital assets with us, both with and without financial value
  • how you can store your passwords for your accounts and;
  • how to notify the Executors of your Will of their existence

Particular care will be taken to the above so as not to compromise on security.

Perhaps you also have a beneficiary in mind to inherit your digital assets, which we can deal with for you in your Will or by Codicil.

So when you think of the digital assets you hold online, consider which of those assets you wish to leave behind as a legacy just as you would your engagement ring or watch. The chances are that some of your most precious family heirlooms are now in digital form and we can ensure that they are passed on to the next generation.