To get to know Family and Divorce Solicitor, Anna Ferro, our resident reporter asked her a few questions. Anna has over 20 years’ experience in Family and Divorce law, and has a reputation for providing the advice and representation of the very highest quality.

Why did you become a lawyer and what type of lawyer are you?

An opportunity and a new challenge brought me into the legal profession. I studied Music for a number of years in and around London. During a year out between my Master of Music degree and doctorate studies to which I was planning to return, I gained work experience as a solicitors’ clerk at Blaser Mills and decided to change tack and train to be a lawyer. Two years of law studies later, I returned to Blaser Mills to do my training. An opportunity to qualify into the Family Department arose. As a senior family lawyer today, my background and continuing activity in the arts fuel my approach and enthusiasm for my work.

Career high?

I really appreciate the varied selection of circumstances and personalities, which make each day and every case interesting. One case stands out in my memory for its speed and international dimensions: I secured an urgent international freezing order in a divorce case involving offshore assets, followed by a mirror order in the Royal Court of Jersey. It was pretty exciting!

Why should you be my lawyer? Why should I contact you and not someone else?

For me, it’s a privilege to help clients find a way forward from what are often very difficult emotional and practical circumstances. Each and every client requires an individual approach. From the outset of the case, I aim to be in tune, and keep in tune as the case progresses with how my clients are feeling and coping. Reaching a suitable conclusion for my clients and making a positive impact on their lives moving forward is key.

I have worked exclusively in the area of private Family Law for over 20 years, specializing in all aspects of divorce and separation issues. I have developed a wide knowledge in my field and I enjoy tackling all the challenges which arise in dealing with each case.

Tell us something about Blaser Mills…

Blaser Mills is one of the region’s leading firms. When I first joined the firm, the business tagline was “making the law work for you”. I believe that this still resonates within the firm’s current motto “with you in business, with you in life”.

What job would you do if you hadn’t become a lawyer?

Something in the Arts for sure!

What do you do in your spare time?

Most of my spare time revolves around the international classical music projects in which I am involved and by which I have been fortunate to work with top orchestras, ensembles and some of the most extraordinarily talented musicians across the globe on new music commissions and performances.

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