After a two-year consultation process, the Law Society has now published the long-awaited, updated Property Information Form (TA6) and Fittings and Contents Form (TA10).  The forms have since been circulated by law firms nationwide. 

The forms are designed to provide answers to frequently-asked questions at the outset of the transaction, in an attempt to reduce the number of additional enquiries subsequently raised by the buyer’s solicitor which can cause delay.  Any subsequent enquiries raised should be limited to those not already dealt with in the forms and be specific to the paperwork provided and search results obtained. Members of the Conveyancing Quality Scheme, such as Blaser Mills, will be bound to use the new forms on all new transactions, and it is hoped that this will promote greater transparency and uniformity of information among firms.

The Fittings and Contents Form has introduced a more detailed tick-box approach which enables the seller to advise whether various items are included or excluded, or to confirm that there are none at the property.  The seller is now required to tick the appropriate box for each item, rather than insert a tick or a cross — or, indeed, leave the box blank if the item did not exist — as was the case in the old forms.

The Property Information Form has also been amended to include some frequently-asked additional questions, particularly at section 14.4 of the form, which asks the seller to confirm that all rubbish will be removed from the property on completion, all keys for windows and doors will be handed over to the estate agent or left at the property, and reasonable care will be taken when removing items from the property.  The form has also expanded on existing questions where further information is often required; for example, the seller is now asked to specify the nature of any building works carried out at the property, and the year that the works were undertaken.  The seller is also asked to supply copies of the relevant planning consent and building control paperwork, or to explain why the works were exempt.  With many additional enquiries relating to past development of the property, it will be interesting to see whether sellers do indeed provide the documentation requested at the outset, without the need for further enquiries.

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