Creditors can now secure a debtor’s property against unsecured debts as low as £1,000 following new regulations on charging orders which came into effect on 6th April.

A Judgment can be secured by a Charging Order over Land or Shares, following implementation of the Courts, Tribunals and Enforcement Act 2007. This allows creditors with Judgments payable by instalments to secure the Judgment by a Charging Order when previously this could only be achieved if the instalment Judgment was in arrears. The Court still retain discretion regarding the granting of the Order.

The Regulations set a £1,000 minimum threshold for applications for orders for sale in relation to charging orders made to enforce payment under a “regulated agreement” (defined as a consumer credit agreement or a consumer hire agreement under section 189(1) of the Consumer Credit Act 1974). The Regulations will only apply to applications made on or after 6 April 2013.

This is good news for creditors who accept instalments and can now seek additional security where long term instalments are accepted.

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