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Agency Worker Regulations

Although the Agency Worker Regulations 2010 are under review, businesses will still need to assess their potential impact.

Better late than never?

Late payment continues to be a major problem for small businesses.

New Minimum Wage Rates

New National Minimum Wage rates will apply from October 2010…

Competition Law

Landlords and tenants may need to review their agreements to ensure that they are not anti-competitive.

And the winner is…

The Blaser Mills World Cup Fantasy League saw 115 managers battle it out for World Cup glory.

Academies Bill

There are various legal issues for schools to consider when applying to become an Academy under the new Government’s flagship education policy.

Without Prejudice

Parties to a dispute cannot say whatever they want simply because the communication is marked or stated to be ‘without prejudice’.

Employment claims on the rise

Claims to Employment Tribunals are on the increase and the time taken to deal with claims is getting longer.