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Retirement Age To Be Set By Employer

An employer can continue to set the age at which staff retire as long as it can prove there is strong justification for doing so.

Internet and Social Media

A clearly stated internet and social media policy is becoming increasingly important for employers.

Budget 2012 – highlights for business

A reduction in the main rate of corporation tax for companies was the highlight of Chancellor George Osborne’s Budget last week.

Employment Law – Dismissal

The Government has called for evidence on dealing with dismissal and “compensated no-fault dismissal” for micro businesses.

Insolvency Service Publishes Overview

The Insolvency Service has published an overview relating to the restrictions on the re-use of a name previously used by a liquidated company.

Employment Law Update

Vince Cable, the Business Secretary, has announced the publication of an annual report on the progress of the Employment Law Review.

The Olympics and the Bribery Act

Many of the best seats for this summer’s London Olympics remain unsold as companies fear breaching the Bribery Act.

Treasury investigates “swaps”

High Street banks are under investigation over the alleged mis-selling of complex capital markets derivatives to small businesses.

Tax relief for micro-businesses?

The Government is proposing tax relief for micro-businesses who incorporated for tax reasons a decade ago.