Online Divorce Services: Buyer Beware

If you type “online divorce” into a search engine, you will be confronted by a cascade of links promising you a quick, easy, low-priced online divorce.

At first glance, each offer seems tantalizingly straightforward, a simple solution for a distressing legal problem. Unfortunately, in the case of most of these, the offer really is ‘too good to be true’.

While such online businesses may be able to draft a divorce petition on your behalf, and even move the process along to decree absolute ending your marriage, they are highly likely to leave you exposed to lengthy and costly Court proceedings long after you and your spouse are legally divorced.

In divorce proceedings, the Court is able to make financial orders in respect of your divorce. The Court can redistribute assets in order to achieve a fair division between the parties. If the Court does not initiate this process at the time of divorce, either spouse may be able to apply back to the Court to make a financial claim years, even decades, afterwards. An unwitting user of an online divorce service may find themselves on the receiving end of a claim from their ex-spouse much later on in life, often when they have built up substantial assets in their own right. The Court is not required to treat those assets any differently from those built up during the marriage.

It is in the interests of both parties to achieve certainty and closure when they decide to divorce, and this is best achieved with the expertise of a lawyer qualified to help. At Blaser Mills, our Family & Divorce lawyers will assist you in addressing any financial matters simultaneously to the divorce process so that you have reassurance and finality. Where you have been granted a divorce without resolution of your financial matters, our team can help protect you from future claims.

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