Our Culture

At Blaser Mills we are Our Culture. Our authenticity, diversity and creativity is present in everything we do.

Our story

The firm has existed for over 130 years but the story of the Blaser Mills Law that we are today effectively started around ten years ago.

Our core values

Our core values form an ethos and approach to our work that is central to the successes that we have had to date and which, going forward, constitute a map for us to follow to continue the firm’s journey.

Responsible Business

Our responsible business strategy is constantly evolving and we know that there is lots of work still to do. But we are ambitious, enthusiastic and united in a desire to make improvements and be the best that we can be. And we do it all with smiles on our faces. To be a part of initiatives creating positive changes for our firm, for our clients, for our communities and our planet…. well, what’s not to smile about?

Diversity, Inclusion and Social Mobility

Blaser Mills is a firm where we don’t just talk the talk on Diversity and Inclusion; the diversity of our workforce speaks for itself.

The Heart of Blaser Mills – our stories

We are Our People. And each one of our people has a story to tell of their journey with the firm.