Diversity, Inclusion and Social Mobility

Blaser Mills is a firm where we don’t just talk the talk on Diversity and Inclusion; the diversity of our workforce speaks for itself.

We are immensely proud of our record on diversity and inclusion. By simply always looking to recruit great people, regardless of background, we have a firm full of brilliant creative minds; people, each making their own unique contribution to the life and business of Blaser Mills Law.


Attract brilliant, talented people from all backgrounds


Empower them to develop and maximise their talents in an environment of trust, fairness and support where everyone can thrive


When our people succeed, the firm succeeds and our clients reap the rewards from this

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Quite clearly, being female is no obstacle to being a lawyer at Blaser Mills Law! While, across the profession, 49% of lawyers are female, at Blaser Mills Law, female lawyers make up 83% of our professionals.
The population of Buckinghamshire, where our firm is primarily based, is 91% white. Despite this, black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) lawyers make up 34% of our number. Even looking at national figures, this is over 50% more than is typical across the profession.


SRA Diversity Benchmark for 10-50 partner firms (2020)

The composition of our partnership further reflects our approach and attitude to diversity. Over half of our partners are female while, across the whole profession, the benchmark is only 33%. We are mindful that the 52% of female partners does not match the proportion of our female professional workforce (83%), but 7 of our last 10 internally-promoted partners were female so we are working on it!
The proportion of BAME partners across the profession is extremely low at only 10%. In our firm, 38% of our partners are black, Asian and minority ethnic – actually exceeding the proportion of our total professional workforce.

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SRA Diversity Benchmark for 10-50 partner firms (2020)

The SRA started using new questions as a proxy for social mobility in 2019, including asking about school age education and the level of qualification achieved by parents.

The legal profession was, for many years, a closed-shop to broad sections of society. This has been changing for some time but it remains the case that almost half of solicitors come from families where one or both parents went to university and almost a quarter of solicitors were privately educated.

Our statistics on these two points speak for themselves. We do not accept a historic homogenous approach to recruitment. We are proud, at Blaser Mills Law, to attract excellent minds from all backgrounds

What do our people say?


I feel empowered and trusted to do my job well


I feel able to contribute appropriately in meetings


There is good communication between my line manager and myself


I am part-time. I feel supported and able to do my job within these hours.


I feel I have good opportunities for personal development and growth


I feel that my religious values and beliefs are supported at Blaser Mills Law


I feel fairly treated by my team/colleagues


I can bring my whole self to work without fear of criticism or judgement

(source: 2021 Blaser Mills Law Staff Survey)

We are a people-focused firm

made of almost 150+ people – and growing

We operate an inclusive culture

celebrating and promoting diversity to drive excellence

We embrace gender equality

50% of our partners are female

We nurture emerging talent

and have a clear progression pathway for all staff

We support career progression

many of our trainees progress to partner level

We encourage work-life balance

over 25% of our people have part-time or flexible working arrangements