Personal Injury – The Campaign

The Law Society has delivered a bold new advertising campaign focusing on the benefits to personal injury claimants of obtaining proper legal advice.


The campaign is set to last six weeks and deliberately takes a “bold, humorous and memorable approach to convey an important message” the Society said.


The ‘Don’t Get Mugged’ campaign will feature on posters on public transport, including the London Underground, on-line advertising with a video on YouTube as well as radio advertising.  The Society is also offering firms posters and postcards which can be put up in reception/client areas.


The reason for the campaign is to put out to any victims injured as a result of an accident the clear message: See a solicitor, don’t accept the insurers’ first offer and don’t deal with claims management companies.  Pursuing your claim with a solicitor will generally ensure that you get that to which you are genuinely entitled.


Naturally, there has been some disagreement with the proposed campaign.  The director of general insurance for the Association of British Insurers (ABI) has stated that insurance companies are committed to paying fair compensation to genuine claimants.  It has, however, questioned whether the legal system fuels the so-called ‘compensation culture’.


Recent research from the Financial Services Authority revealed that personal injury claimants who turn down an initial offer made by the insurers, and who take legal advice from a solicitor, on average receive three times more compensation.  


Some personal injury solicitors feel that this campaign has come a little too late.  However, if the Law Society’s campaign can influence the Ministry of Justice to keep the current small-claims limit as it is, then what’s the harm?



Natalie Allman

1st July 2013