Actions against the Police

The Police have a duty to serve and protect the public and for the most part do this well. However, where the Police have acted unfairly, or even illegally, we can assist you in holding the Police to account.

A police complaint is typically the first step in bringing an action against the police. However, complaints procedures can also be run alongside civil claims, if, for example, financial compensation is being sought.

Our Actions against the Police team is experienced in dealing with major police forces and we have a track record of obtaining successful outcomes for our clients, such as:

  • obtaining formal written apologies;
  • bringing disciplinary/management action against officers;
  • removal of DNA and other records from police databases;
  • financial settlements following the commencement of civil action.

Professional standards complaints

Our expert lawyers are able to assist with all aspects of the complaints process, from guiding you through submitting your initial complaint to the Police force’s Professional Standards Department (PSD), through to appeal to the Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC) and, if necessary, to Judicial Review.

Clients often come to us with reports of the police failing to investigate a crime. The IOPC (formally the IPCC) is an independent body which can investigate these reports and, if the complaints are upheld, can advise the relevant police force to investigate the crime or take some other action in response to their failings.

Civil action for compensation

Sometimes an apology for mistreatment may not be enough and you may be entitled to compensation for the unfair or illegal conduct of the police. Being a full service law firm, we combine our criminal and civil expertise to provide accurate advice regarding your prospects of success. Our experienced lawyers may be able to recover significant damages for you as a result of our investigation into the circumstances of your case.

We can provide advice and representation for the following causes of complaint:

  • Wrongful arrest and false imprisonment
  • Failure to investigate
  • Harassment by Police Officers
  • Malicious prosecution
  • Assault and excessive force
  • Mistreatment at the police station
  • Discrimination
  • Unlawful stop and search

Flexible funding arrangements

We represent clients on a private basis for civil claims against the police. We offer competitive fixed fees for the initial investigation stage, which will cover:

  • Initial consideration of your case (consideration of all material, correspondence and evidence);
  • Formal written advice on the existence of grounds for claim and prospects of success;

Where our advice on prospects is positive, we are happy to act on the basis of a ‘no win, no fee’ funding arrangement. We can create bespoke fee estimates where the handling of a file needs to be more tailored, such as range of conditional fee agreements.

Should you wish for us to draft a formal letter of complaint to a police force’s Professional Standards Department or to the IOPC, rather than commence a civil claim, we can offer competitive rates and/or fixed fees for this work. However, please note that we do not undertake work under ‘no win- no fee’ agreements for PSD complaints; it is solely civil claims for which these funding arrangements are available.

At Blaser Mills Law, we pride ourselves on our excellent client service. To read a case study of one of our recent successful cases, please click here.


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