Clinical Negligence

Whenever you receive medical treatment from doctors, nurses or therapists, you are entitled to expect a certain standard of care by the providers of that treatment.

If you are not happy with the treatment you have received, you may be entitled to claim for compensation for medical negligence.

The lawyers in our Medical Negligence team are specialists and understand that these claims can be particularly sensitive.  Having an experienced medical-negligence solicitor on your side will help you to understand the issues and processes that will be part of the claim.  Whether you are looking for an explanation or an apology, or if you have suffered long-term damage to your health, our team is here to investigate the circumstances and ensure that your best interests are protected.  Our lawyers have experience in many types of claim, including obstetric injury, surgical error, GP negligence and delayed and misdiagnosis.

Our Medical Negligence team understands that recovering a sum of money can rarely compensate for the injury and distress caused.  However, we appreciate that bringing these cases may be the only way to receive an apology and an assurance of improved treatment in the future.

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