Family Law » Cohabitation Advice and Agreements

The law currently treats cohabiting couples very differently from married couples or those within a civil partnership and it is imperative that you are fully aware of the implications of this.

Contrary to popular belief, cohabitation does not provide you with immediate rights to each other’s property, or with an automatic right to inherit in the event of your partner’s death.

If you are living with your partner or are intending to and do not wish to marry or enter into a civil partnership, it is crucial that steps are taken to protect your position in the event of a breakdown in the relationship.

A cohabitation agreement is designed to assist in providing a protective measure which incorporates an agreement as to how the financial issues should be handled in the event of a separation.

Our team of skilled and experienced lawyers can advise you in respect of a cohabitation agreement (also known as a “No Nups”) and any related children arrangements in order to best achieve your objectives.

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