Employment » Discipline and Grievances

We understand that facing a disciplinary investigation or action can be a highly stressful experience.

Our lawyers can identify the strengths and weaknesses of the evidence against you, highlight the possible implications of an adverse decision and advise you how best to put forward your case.

We can draft letters for you and help you to prepare statements and to answer questions from your employer.  Where we are permitted to represent you, and you wish us to do so, we can provide persuasive advocacy on your behalf.

Similarly, if you have a concern, problem or complaint about your work, working conditions or colleagues and are considering a formal grievance, we can help. 

We can assess the merits of your grievance and give you practical advice on how best to present your case.  We fully understand the emotive nature of workplace issues and disputes and will deal with your matter sensitively, guiding you at every step if you wish.  Our aim is always to focus on the matter troubling you and help you attempt to resolve it to your satisfaction.

We always consider the wider picture and can advise you as to how your grievance might affect any Employment Tribunal claim you may have against your employer.   

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