Dispute Resolution

Within society, people co-exist by sharing space, land and resources with those around them. It is a simple and unfortunate fact of life that, at certain times, you will find that disputes arise.

You may, for example, be dissatisfied with the standard of construction work undertaken at your property.  You may have been wrongly left out out of a Will. You may feel let down by a trusted professional.

You cannot always control when and how a dispute may arise, but you can control how effectively it is resolved. Our experienced lawyers are well placed to find the right resolutions for you and your family. A badly-handled dispute can and will cause you financial loss, wasted time and a great deal of stress. The key to minimising these risks is an early assessment of the legal and factual issues between the parties, to determine the appropriate manner and forum for resolving your dispute.

Many disputes that end with a contested and expensive Courtroom trial could (and should) have been resolved by alternative means; for example, by agreeing to engage in an early mediation process, or by good old-fashioned negotiation between the parties in correspondence.

In some matters, there is no alternative but to litigate in the Courts, and where this applies we will ensure that your case is fought with vigour by an experienced advocate. Our expertise lies in identifying and pursuing your needs and objectives as a party to the dispute. We assess the merits of your case, keep you fully informed on costs at all times, and we work with you to conclude the matter as quickly as possible, and with the minimum amount of stress.







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