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If a person is accused of supplying or importing controlled substances, then money-laundering offences are also routinely charged.

Being convicted of a drugs related or money-laundering offence can have serious and far-reaching consequences as a result of subsequent confiscation proceedings, which can impact upon every aspect of an individual’s home and family life.

At Blaser Mills we understand the specific demands and issues presented by these types of cases, and we have successfully represented clients nationwide.

Drugs investigations can often involve cross-border law enforcement agencies and complex jurisdictional issues. Our team of criminal defence lawyers is expert in defending those accused of drugs-related offences, ranging from straightforward allegations of possession to the most complicated of conspiracies to import. 

If you are accused of a drugs related or money-laundering offence, it is important to have the highest quality legal advice from the outset, as decisions taken at an early stage in the investigation can be crucial. 

If you have been arrested or face prosecution for a drugs related offence, it is never too late to speak to us. We will act quickly to assess the strength of the case against you and to protect your interests throughout the investigative process.

Recent cases include:-

  • R v H & others – Wood Green Crown Court: A conspiracy to supply 3 kilos of high-purity heroin.
  • R v I & others – Canterbury Crown Court: An 8-handed conspiracy to import cocaine worth £30 million from South America.
  • R v S – Birmingham Crown Court: A money-laundering investigation concerning possession of over £250,000 in cash.
  • R v R – Southampton Crown Court: The successful defence of a client accused of possession of criminal property, namely £40,000 in cash, that was recovered from her home address.
  • R v B & others – Aylesbury Crown Court: A conspiracy to cultivate cannabis; it was Buckinghamshire’s largest-ever cannabis seizure at the time.
  • R v W – Sheffield Crown Court: A defendant accused of running a cannabis factory from his home address (opposite a police station) despite being a National Lottery winner.

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