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Representing a defendant accused of a serious violent offence requires a legal team with a special set of skills.

Our team of criminal lawyers has considerable experience in representing defendants accused of murder and other offences of serious violence, such as GBH (wounding with intent), kidnapping and armed robbery.

We have developed close working relationships with some of the leading criminal barristers in the country over many years, and we are regularly instructed to represent individuals in some of the most high-profile cases in the UK.

Our team has successfully represented clients in cases that have resulted in landmark decisions: a first of its kind double-jeopardy prosecution, a multi-handed murder conspiracy linked to organised crime and a client suspected of serial murder, to give just a few examples.

Recent cases include:-

  • R v W — Reading Crown Court: The country’s first double-jeopardy murder re-trial.
  • R v H — Lewes Crown Court: A case where H was accused of murdering a man he incorrectly believed to be a paedophile.  Months before this case, we successfully quashed H’s conviction for murder arising out of an incident 10 years before.
  • R v K and others — Central Criminal Court: An 11-handed case of conspiracy to murder and conspiracy to transfer firearms.  K was the only defendant acquitted of all charges.
  • R v H and others — Snaresbrook Crown Court: Conspiracy to supply loaded firearms.
  • R v L and other — Reading Crown Court: Conspiracy to murder and conspiracy to commit burglary allegations following the death of a suspected drugs dealer.
  • R v S — Aylesbury Crown Court: Nationally-reported murder enquiry concerning the disappearance of the defendant’s lover and business partner.





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