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Dealing with the death of a loved one is in itself a distressing experience. Having to deal with public authorities such as prisons, hospitals or the police, all of whom will have lawyers acting on their behalf, makes this process even harder to bear.

Without help, it is difficult for family members to know the right questions to ask to ensure that their concerns are adequately addressed.

Our Personal Injury specialist lawyers are equipped to help you with the case and to ensure that the public body is held to account.  This process may also ensure that such accidents or incidents are prevented in the future.

Our Serious Injury lawyers will be able to help you by providing information, and they will support you through the process leading up to the Inquest, as well as ensuring solid and determined representation at the Inquest hearing itself.

Contact one of our specialist Serious Injury lawyers for further information and assistance.

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The personal injury team at Blaser Mills in High Wycombe ‘offers a fantastic, friendly service’ while it ‘consistently manages to achieve excellent results’ in head, brain and spinal injury cases caused by slips, trips as well as road traffic and work accidents.

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