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Your personal wealth is something you have worked hard for, and you want to be comfortable in the knowledge that your wealth will be passed on in the way in which you intend it.

A Will is an essential legal tool to ensure that your wealth and assets are passed on to your beneficiaries according to your wishes. If properly drafted by WIll writing solicitors, your Will will clearly outline what your beneficiaries are to inherit and, where appropriate, how other more complex matters will be cared for or managed.

Our specialist Will solicitors and Estate Planning team can provide their UK and international clients with up-to-date tax-efficient Wills. Our in-house Will experts team will take the time to understand your needs and offer a service that ensures that your Will comprehensively reflects your wishes.

Our Will writing services
Our team of Will solicitors are experienced managing all aspects of personal wealth. This includes:
Writing, amending and reviewing Wills
Probate services
Lasting Power of Attorney
Tax and estate planning
Court of Protection
Trust creation
Trust management
Personal injury trusts
Disputed trusts and Wills

Why write a Will?
Writing a Will can ensure your assets are protected, and can give you the confidence that your estate will be managed as per your wishes when you pass away. It’s important that everyone has a professionally drafted Will as it can:
Specify who will act as guardians for your children
Specify the age at which beneficiaries who are children will inherit
Create trusts to protect vulnerable beneficiaries
Minimising any inheritance tax liability on your estate
Make sure you decided exactly where your assets go
Ensure your assets are divided where you want – reflecting life changes such as marriages or divorce

If you die without a Will, it means you have died intestate and the Government will be responsible for how your assets are distributed following your death, meaning beneficiaries who rely upon you may not necessarily be entitled to any of your assets.

Why choose Blaser Mills?
Our Wills solicitors have a high reputation for offering transparent legal advice and strategies to their clients, ensuring that each client is advised on the best solution possible in the simplest of terms. The team’s reputation is built on its ability to truly listen to, and understand, clients’ needs, often at a time when clients need guidance and someone whom they can trust.

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