Preparing your home for sale

Preparing your home for sale

Preparing or ‘staging your house’ can not only ensure you a swift sale, but could potentially add thousands of pounds in value to your property. Below are our top tips for ensuring that you maximise your property’s potential:

Clear the clutter

If your house looks as though you have outgrown it, chances are that any potential buyer will feel that the house is too small for them. We recommend that you remove any large items of furniture that make a room feel small and clear any clutter into storage. Although an added expense, it will help the potential buyer visualise your house in its best light.

A fresh lick of paint

A fresh coat of neutral paint can add value to your house with minimal expense. The neutral walls can make the rooms appear larger, brighter and can help the buyer visualise the house’s potential.

Fix, tidy and clean

Thoroughly clean your house, making sure you don’t neglect under and around furniture, as well as in and on top of cupboards. Make any minor repairs that you have been meaning to get to, such as broken tiles or leaky taps. Cut back shrubs and bushes in the garden and clean any garden furniture. Remove limescale and polish bathroom fittings, hang fresh towels and ensure bedding is crisp and clean. Bring the outside in by adding fresh cut flowers or pot plants to each room.

Curb appeal

The first thing a potential buyer will see of your house is its exterior. Follow the same approach as inside and make sure that everything is clean, tidy and in a good state of repair. This includes sprucing up your garden, steps, front door and any other areas between the street and your front door.

Follow your nose

Nasty odours can be extremely off-putting. Don’t attempt to mask the smell, fix the source of it. Unblock drains, clean bins and air the kitchen from stale cooking odours. Conversely, good smells can make a property feel welcoming. While it might be impractical to bake fresh bread or brownies for every viewing, you could perhaps brew some fresh coffee or light a scented candle or two.

Let there be light

Open up all the windows to let natural light in. Pay attention to window dressings and ensure they are clean and not too heavy. Add lamps or brighter bulbs to dim areas. Hang wall mirrors to reflect light and give the illusion of more space. Remember a bright, light room will feel bigger.

Prepare your lawyer

Even before your house receives offers for purchase, you should have a lawyer in place. Not only will this ensure that you are able to proceed quickly when a buyer is found, it will also give your lawyer an opportunity to check through the title and documentation for your house and ensure that matters are in order. For example, if you have replaced your windows, your lawyer will need a copy of the guarantee and other certification. Providing this information to your lawyer at an early stage will cut down on the number of delays which can arise during a conveyancing process.

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