Prevention is the key – International Child Abduction

Prevention is the key – International Child Abduction

This month has seen Reunite publish two further international child abduction guides following its publication in July of a ‘Guide to International Child Abduction and Poland’.

The child abduction latest guides relate to India and Pakistan. These are the first of a proposed series of guides that explain the options available when a child has been abducted to certain countries. The guides give an overview of how cases in those specific countries are managed, and what options are available for seeking the return of the child.

These options would need to be considered urgently. A better option is to prevent the removal taking place. Rather than wait until a child has been removed and then try to get an order from the Court for the child’s return, there may be legal and practical steps available to prevent the child being removed from the country before removal is attempted. Preventing the removal could save a considerable amount of costs, possible litigation, and stress.

If you fear that your child is being or is likely to be removed abroad without your consent, it will be important that you act quickly. For example, it may be necessary and appropriate to protect the child’s visa/passport, to request that the Police set up a Port Alert, and to seek a Prohibited Steps Order from the Court according to the circumstances.

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