Our commercial team’s expanding dispute resolution service, features an internationally experienced team providing assistance with our debt recovery; mediation; litigation; enforcement; insolvency; and international solutions at competitive fixed rates.

Cash flow is vitally important to all businesses and Debt Recovery Solutions offer a cost effective, efficient service together with practical commercial advice from our experienced qualified team.

Once internal credit control processes have been exhausted, it is time to consider an escalation to experts. Our recommendation is to act promptly as recovery of your claim is much more likely the sooner the claim is brought.

Stage 1 – Letter before Action

A Letter before Action is the starting point for most claims. Debt Recovery Solutions offers letters before action at a nominal cost depending on volume.

20+ Instructions per month = £1.50 + VAT (non UK £5.00 + vat per LBA)

Pre-action protocol letter for individuals and sole trader = £15.00 + vat per LBA

Late Payment Compensation

Business to Business claims can, subject to your Terms of Business, include a claim under the Late Payment of Commercial Debt Regulations 2002. The price per invoice are as follows:

£0 – £999.99£40
£1000 – £9999.99£70
£10000 +£100

The compensation is included in the claim and if recovered will be chargeable as part of our charges plus VAT. Further costs can be recovered from customers under Clause 2A of the Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act 1998 and under Regulation 2011/7/EU


Interest can be claimed on the following basis subject to your Terms of Business:

Statutory Rate8%
Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act 19988% above the base rate*

*contractual rate as set out in your terms and conditions

Additional Charges

Additional charges will be made in the event that further correspondence is carried out on each matter in excess of the letter before action. Such additional charges would include negotiating and monitoring payment plans or making and receiving telephone calls and emails. These are charged at £10 per 6 minute unit.

Foreign Agents

Foreign agents or collection agents are instructed for matters progressing in a foreign jurisdiction. Our collections agents act on a commission only basis of between 18-35% depending on the age or jurisdiction involved. The commission is payable in the event that payment or in some cases a resolution is achieved for example goods being returned. You will be liable for any foreign agent’s charges or commission charged by our collection agents.

Status Reports, Enquiry Agents and Employment Searches

We can obtain status reports, employment searches and instruct enquiry agents on your behalf. The costs for these services are as follows:

Status Report – this depends on the information required and will be provided on a case by case basis

Employment Searches£15 + VAT
Enquiry Agents Charge£35 + VAT (also on a no result, no fee basis)

Money Claims – Court Fees & Costs

Value of ClaimIssue via CCMCCIssue via CCBCCourt Costs
Up to £300£35£25£50
£300.01 – £500£50£35£50
£500.01 – £1000£70£60£70
£1000.01 – £1500£80£70£80
£1500.01 – £3000£115£105£80
£3000.01 – £5000£205£185£80
£5000.01 – £10,000£455£410£100
£10,000.01 – £2,0000005% of claim4.5% of claim£100

Judgement Costs

Value of ClaimCourt Case
Up to 5,000£22
Over £5,000£30
By admission up to £5,000£40
By admission over £5,000£55

Enforcement Court Fees & Court Costs

Type of EnforcementCourt Fee
Court CostsOur Charges
Warrant of Execution £25-£600£110/£70£2.25£15/12 month
Re-issue of Warrant of Execution£33/NilNilNil
High Court Enforcement Officer£66£51.75£15/12 month
Charging Order£110£110£25/per charge
£40 Land Registry
£3 Searches
£75 Agents (if required)
Attachment of Earnings£110Nil (unless hearing attended)£35
£15 + VAT
Employment Search
Order to Obtain Information£55Nil£30
£70 + VAT each
Process Server’s Fees
Third Party Debt£110£98.50 (of half recovered sum if less than £150)£161/hour

Return of Goods

ItemCourt FeeCourt CostsOur Charges
Issue Claim£240£80£100
Drafting Witness StatementNilNil£100 each
Arranging attendance at Hearing/AttendanceNil£ (discretionary)£100
£90 + VAT Agent Fees (if required)
Warrant for Delivery£121£51.75£50 (plus agents to take delivery of goods)

Miscellaneous Fixed Costs

ItemCourt FeeCourt CostsOur Charges
Service out of jurisdiction (Scotland, N. Ireland, Isle of Man or Channel Islands)Issue fee as shown above£68.25£100/hour or agreed fixed rate
Service out of jurisdiction (elsewhere)Issue fee as show above£77£100/hour or agreed fixed rate
Summary Judgement up to £5,000£255£175£161/hour or agreed fixed rate
Summary Judgement above £5,000£255£210£161/hour or agreed fixed rate
Certificate under Section 6 of Civil Jurisdiction & Judgement Act 1982£39£161/hour or agreed fixed rate
Certificate of ServiceNil£15£15

Disputes and Mediation

Occasionally claims are disputed and those matters are required detailed attention from our lawyers. Once a dispute is apparent, a defence filed or an application received from the Court then the matter is passed to one of our lawyers working within the team. After initial assessment of the file a cost estimate to bring the matter to a conclusion will be provided. We will discuss the tactics of progressing the matter which may include mediation or a Part 36 offer to put exert pressure on the Defendant. Our hourly rates will apply in these circumstances, generally we seek to charge the hourly rates set by the Courts as these will enable us to maximise the recovery of costs on a successful matter. Wherever possible we seek to agree a fixed fee for the progress of the matter to conclusion once a matter becomes defended.

LawyerHourly RateHourly Rate inclusive of VAT
Associate Partner£261£313.20
Legal Executive – 4 years£218£261.60
Legal Executive + 4 years£261£313.20
CILEX member – 4 years£126£151.20
CILEX member + 4 years£178£213.60
Trainee Solicitor£135£162.00

Other Court Fees

Court FeesCourt Fee
Directions Questionnaire Fee up to £150Nil
Directions Questionnaire Fees between £1,500 – £5,000Nil
Fast Tack and Multi TrackNil
Hearing Fees up to £300£25
Hearing fees £300.01-£500£55
Hearing Fees £500.01 – £1,000£80
Hearing Fees £1,000.01 – £1,500£115
Hearing Fees £1,500.01 – £3,000£170
Hearing Fees £ 3,000.01 +£335
Fast Track Listing Questionnaire Fee£545
Multi Track Listing Questionnaire Fee£1,090
Fast Track Pre-Trial Check List£110
Multi Track Pre-Trial Check List£110
Application on Notice£255
Application without Notice£100
Consent Order£100
Application for Certified Judgement or EEO£100
Agents Fees£135-£400 + VAT

Insolvency Costs

BankruptcyCourt Fee/Fees IncurredOur Charge
Statutory Demand£100
Process Servers£87.50 + VAT
Drafting Petition£275
Search for Prior Petition£30 + VAT£30
Court Fee for Search£7/£45
Court Fee£280
Official Receivers’ Deposit£990Refundable less £50 if Order not made
Preparation for Final Hearing£275
Agents Fees (if required)£85-£280 + VAT
Hourly Rate if contestedLawyer’s Hourly Rate

Approximate Total: £2,290 + VAT

Winding UpCourt Fee/Fee IncurredOur Charge + VAT
Winding Up Letter£15
Search for Prior Petition£30 + VAT£30
Drafting Petition and Issuing£275
Court Fee£280
Official Receivers Deposit£1,600Refundable less £50 is Order not made
Process Servers£87.50 + VAT
Advertisement of Petition£99.90 + VAT and £3.60
Covid Pre-Trial Review£100 + VAT£175
Drafting Advertisement£30
Preparation for Final Hearing£275
Counsels Fees£200 + VAT
Hourly Rate if contestedLawyer’s Hourly Rate
Dismissal Advertisement£99.90 + VAT£30

Approximate Total: £3,200 + VAT

Wherever possible, we seek to recover the costs of our insolvency actions from the Respondent. We will utilise our hourly rate wherever possible to ensure that the full costs are recovered from the action taken which may be greater than our fixed rates. If we recover the costs incurred then we will account to you for these costs in full. Please note that if a dispute arises from an insolvency action the layers; hourly rate will apply to the time spent on the matter. Additional Counsels fees may also be required if a hearing is adjourned together with other external fees as incurred. Insolvency actions should only be commenced if a claim is undisputed as the process should not be used in other circumstance. Courts can award costs against petitioning creditors for any incorrect use of this process.

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Date: 9 March 2021