Pro Bono week 2019

Pro Bono week 2019

In support of The Law Society’s Pro Bono week 2019, we are celebrating the achievements of our lawyers who volunteer their spare time to provide free legal advice and services to those in need.

Pro Bono, meaning “for the public good” involves providing assistance on a voluntary basis for people who require help but aren’t necessarily in a position to obtain the necessary support and advice they require. For example by providing free legal services, victim support, legal research or training.

Zara Liedl Carroll, an Associate Solicitor in the Residential Property team, has been actively involved in pro bono work for over three years. Zara believes in the importance of giving back to the community and Blaser Mills Law supports and encourages their lawyers to do so.

Zara takes part in Sky Project, a charity set up in 2009 by Sabeena Pirooz. The charity actively works to reduce the number of forced marriage cases and honour based violence killings in the South of England, through providing training and support to a range of professionals, communities, schools, universities and professional bodies on the issues of forced marriage and honour based violence. Zara is regularly involved in arranging forced marriage working group meetings, arranging and assisting in the delivery of training sessions and general administrative tasks which ensure the smooth running of the charity.

Zara is also a mentor to aspiring young lawyers through her involvement in the Migrant Leaders programme, which is designed to assist talented young migrants in succeeding in their future careers in Britain. As a mentor in the programme, Zara shares her tips and experiences with young lawyers in relation to how she endured and excelled in her legal studies, how she obtained work experience, applied and interviewed for training contracts, together with assisting her mentees with University and job applications.

Zara says “to be part of a firm that supports and facilitates Pro Bono legal services sends a strong message to the community about the firm’s values and encourages all lawyers to become involved in such projects.”

If you would like more information on Pro Bono and how to get involved. Visit the Law Society’s Pro Bono page.