Solution through Resolution

Our family law solicitors are proud and active members of Resolution, an organisation of family law professionals committed to resolving family disputes constructively and efficiently.

In adhering to the Resolution protocol, we aim to guide our clients through the difficult processes involved in the breakdown of family relationships, as quickly and cost effectively as possible with minimal stress and acrimony.

Resolution members follow a Code of Practice that promotes a non-confrontational approach to family issues, and encourages its members to consider solutions which have regard to the needs of the family as a whole, and in particular the best interests of any children involved. In remaining child focused, we work towards achieving the most suitable outcome for all parties affected by the proceedings in the most amicable way possible.

Resolution also supports the professional development of its members through the use of training programmes and ‘Good Practice Guides’, which are essential in an ever changing environment such as the family justice system. Our membership also enables us to access and work alongside a network of non-lawyer professionals affiliated with the organisation, such as independent financial advisers, mediators and therapists who share and uphold the same values we do in order to find the approach best tailored to the client’s needs.

As the Code is designed by the members themselves, Resolution is both unique and effective as a modern approach to family practice. The Code provides a framework for solicitor members acting for opponents with competing interests to observe. This enables solicitors to work together to minimise and manage any conflict between the parties, whilst at the same time continuing to act in the best interests of their respective clients, making it mutually beneficial to both parties.

By choosing to instruct a solicitor who is a Resolution member, you can expect to be represented by someone who understands your objectives whilst managing your expectations and helping you to balance the financial and emotional implications of your decisions. In being mindful of Resolution’s ethos, which underpins the approach we take to resolving your family issues, we will give you the confidence to make the right decisions by simplifying the complexities of the law and explaining the options available, with emphasis on a non-confrontational and amicable approach.

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