“The Art of Divorce”

“The Art of Divorce”

The Guardian’s report of actor Russell Crowe’s auction to finance the dissolution of his marriage to Danielle Spencer makes entertaining reading.

Two days after raising $3.7 million at the auction in Australia called The Art of Divorce, which coincided with the actor’s birthday and wedding anniversary and was live-streamed on Facebook, it has been announced that the Crowe marriage to now ex-wife Danielle Spencer is now finalised.

Although not everyone going through divorce will have the luxury of such “cash in the attic”, sometimes there will be items which are no longer required or wanted upon separation, perhaps to achieve cash or to make a move of house easier.

However, divorce couples should be aware that legally, it should first be agreed between them (or ordered by the Court) that the particular items be sold and how the monies achieved by the sale will be applied.  To do otherwise may lead to considerable and possibly costly dispute between them and criticism by the Court.

Therefore, waiting for a financial settlement to be put in place upon divorce before any items are sold, unless it is completely clear that the other party consents, is usually advised.

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“The illustrious auction house has taken over the Elston Room in Redfern’s Carriageworks to preside over The Art of Divorce, Russell Crowe’s bizarre and well-publicised auction to finance the dissolution of his marriage to Danielle Spencer.”

Source: https://www.theguardian.com/film/2018/apr/08/russell-crowe-divorce-auction-nets-37m-sydney