Legal advice on financial divorce settlements.

Financial divorce settlements are an important part of most marital breakdowns, and it’s easy to see why. The financial agreement you and your former partner reach could have long-lasting effects on your lives, as well as those of your children.

The process can be complicated, but our approach isn’t. We will get to grips with every part of your financial situation and explore every option to make sure we reach a constructive, beneficial solution.

Reaching a fair divorce settlement

Our proven track record of successful results for clients is built not just on our team’s decades of expertise, but also the way we approach each financial settlement. There is very little that our divorce lawyers haven’t seen, and as well as dealing with more usual cases, they have specialist experience of complex, high-value cases involving high-net-worth individuals or individuals with more complex financial arrangements. No matter how complex your financial situation, our team will be able to present you with a clear strategy for reaching a fair and reasonable financial settlement and will ensure that all assets are properly and proportionately considered. 

As our client, you don’t just benefit from the expertise of our divorce lawyers. We can call on the specialist knowledge and experience of our entire team to ensure you have the right skills on your side. From pensions to property, immigration to businesses, we’ll provide clear, pragmatic guidance to deliver the right divorce settlement for you.

Start the next chapter with the right result

No two divorces are the same, and each will turn on your particular circumstances. We tailor our approach to meet the needs of each individual client and help you evaluate and understand all the factors that need to be considered. Our team includes collaborative lawyers and mediators, allowing us to explore every option available and avoid litigation if possible. Indeed, we believe the majority of cases can be settled constructively without the need for Court. However, we are also extremely experienced in successfully representing our clients in negotiations or in contested Court proceedings. 

Building a team around your needs

At Blaser Mills Law, we have experience of complex English, international and cross-border divorce matters. We have built a reputation for success, and a number of our lawyers are individually ranked in Chambers & Partners, as well as the team being recognised in both the Legal 500 and Chambers & Partners. In addition, our divorce lawyers are members of Resolution, an organisation of 5,000 family lawyers, and the Law Society’s Family Law Accreditation Scheme. By creating a tailored team based on your needs, we are able to keep the costs appropriate at all times.

Ensuring fair treatment

Clients often understandably have a lot of questions about who gets what in a divorce settlement. 

We will help you consider what might be required to allow you, your spouse/partner and the children to rehouse, we will help you understand and decide on the treatment of pensions and will also look at your income and income needs both now and in the future. 

The topic can become quite emotive, so we make sure we always remain realistic and pragmatic with our advice. A common misconception is that the reason for the divorce (such as adultery) will affect how the financial settlement is worked out. This is not true, unless there has been extreme behaviour by one of the parties which it would be inequitable to ignore. Although a divorce settlement can be agreed at any time before or after divorce, our experience shows that it is beneficial to negotiate as early on in the divorce process as possible. This gives each party certainty and stops the process becoming unnecessarily drawn out.

Acting in the long-term interest of our clients 

There are certain circumstances that can affect your divorce settlement after it is agreed. If, for example, you are paying your former partner maintenance (not including child maintenance), this will usually cease if they remarry. However, if you are receiving maintenance from your former partner and they remarry, you should still receive your payments. We will also advise you on next steps if either of your needs or resources change in the future. 

At Blaser Mills Law we don’t view a divorce settlement as mere paperwork, we see it as an integral part of our client’s lives that should change and evolve with them. We always work to ensure every one of our clients gets the result they deserve.

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