Blaser Mills Law is now offering a ‘Fast Track Conveyancing Service’ for those who are selling a property.

We understand that selling a property can be stressful, there are a lot of obstacles that can arise throughout the conveyancing process, including the worry that your sale could fall through. Our expert lawyers are here to provide a stress-free and straightforward approach to the conveyancing process.

Therefore, with our clients in mind, we have developed a Fast Track Conveyancing Service to maximise our clients’ chances of a successful sale, by starting the conveyancing process as soon as they put their property on the market.

What is the Fast Track Conveyancing Service?

Many sellers make the mistake of instructing a solicitor after they have accepted an offer on their property. This can often slow the conveyancing process down and increases the chances of someone in the chain changing their mind, causing the chain to collapse.

Our Fast Track Conveyancing Service is available to clients as soon as they put their property on the market. By instructing us before you have a buyer in place, you can maximise the chances of a successful sale, by speeding up the process and allowing for any legal issues to be ironed out before they turn into potential problems and delays.

Our Fast Track Conveyancing Service enables us to trim weeks off the conveyancing process. Our experienced residential property lawyers will prepare the legal pack and examine title documents and leases thoroughly, meaning if there are any issues with your sale, then advice can be given as to how to remedy these so that when you have a buyer in place, they are presented with a solution and never just a problem!

In addition, we will be able to complete time consuming tasks in advance, for example, we can obtain any planning consents and suitable indemnity policies to cover any breaches or lack of consents if required.

We work through the property information forms to have them fully completed with any supporting papers such as certificates, guarantees, etc. in hand.

Where applicable, we apply to the landlord or management agent for their sale pack and upon receipt, review them to get ahead of any queries you may be likely to raise.

We will consult with you as to whether you wish to order the Local Authority Search now to save time. Depending on the Local Authority, the results of the search can take anywhere between 2-5 weeks. By obtaining them now, not only are you saving time but it gives us the ability to avoid enquiries raised by the buyer’s solicitor. This search cost will be able to be recovered from the buyer on completion.

Ultimately, if we can get started on the conveyancing process as soon as your property is on the market, it gives us plenty of time to prepare and make sure that the initial documentation is comprehensive with all documents referred to readily available, this will reduce the amount of enquiries being raised by the buyer which will, in turn, save you time and money.


On successful completion, no additional costs are paid for this service. If you decide however to take your property off the market, a small fee of £295 + VAT applies. We will of course be providing you with a binder of all the documents that would be required for a sale in the future!

If you are interested in selling your home and would like to discuss our Fast Track Conveyancing Service, then please contact us at or call us n +44 (0) 203 814 2020.

* Please note this offer is only applicable with property sales and not purchases.*