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Supply of Goods and Services

Selling goods and services is the core of many businesses, and occasionally these transactions can go wrong, leading to complaints, disputes and withholding payment of invoices.

Help is at hand as we can provide you with new — or review existing — contractual documentation to ascertain the position and guide you through any legal process. Resolution may be achieved by way of mediation, round-table meetings or a more formal method of Alternative Dispute Resolution that is equally binding on the parties.

We provide accurate commercial advice after quickly assimilating the facts at hand.  Where appropriate, we can bring a legal remedy to achieve a satisfactory outcome through the use of the court process, resulting in an enforceable judgement.

In our experience, as soon as a dispute arises, taking early action to resolve the matter while first-hand knowledge of the situation is still relatively fresh usually results in a better outcome. If you have any concerns about such matters, please contact one of our teams on enquiries@blasermills.co.uk


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