Real estate and development lawyers for commercial and residential projects.

Real estate and development projects, especially new builds, involve a lot of moving parts. There are steps that have to be completed correctly and the legislative and policy environment is constantly changing.

Each part of the process carries unique risks and brings the potential for delays and additional costs. Our experienced lawyers can support can provide insight, expertise and value throughout the entire lifecycle of your project.

Building success together

We are full strategic and legal partners to individuals, developers, companies, unincorporated associations and charities looking to maximise the value of their real estate and property development projects. From single buildings to large-scale new-build residential, commercial or mixed developments, we help our clients anticipate challenges, mitigate risks and minimise disruption and delay.

You need a legal team that can work at your pace, as an extension of your project team. With so many potential challenges and risks to navigate, we embed ourselves into your operations so that we can work as proactively as possible. The law is only one piece of the puzzle when it comes to making a property development project a success, which is why we always work with the bigger commercial picture in mind. We will work with your surveyors, agents, managers, builders, accountants and lenders to make sure your project progresses as efficiently as possible from start to finish.

In an area as complex and dynamic as development and new-build projects, those that can’t adapt are quickly left behind. Blaser Mills Law is just as ambitious as you are, and our lawyers are ready to help you create something special in your next project.

With you from start to finish

Experts in property development

The Blaser Mills Law team includes dedicated experts on each part of the development process. Collectively we have worked successfully on almost every kind of project, from single buildings to large-scale new-build and industrial developments. Everything we do is rooted in our deep experience and understanding of how the process works and how we can best use our knowledge and insight to make it smoother, less disruptive and more cost-effective.

Seamless service and commercial insight

Always ready

It is our experience that working proactively and responsively creates the best results for our property development clients. Because we work so closely with your team, we will help you anticipate and deal with issues before they become a problem. You can reach our development lawyers any time you need to.

The right team at all times

Blaser Mills Law is a diverse team of skilled and passionate lawyers, and our clients benefit from the totality of our experience and skills rather than a small portion of it. We start with your needs and build the right team around you, adapting it as your matter evolves over time. You won’t always need the same support from us, but you will always get the very highest standard of service. From employment and dispute resolution to finance and data protection, you can be sure that we can provide insight and guidance on every challenge you face and every opportunity that arises.

Offering value and creating results

With Blaser Mills Law, you benefit from the experience and expertise of the larger city law firms alongside our cost-effective and innovative pricing structure. We invest in building Partner-led teams that meet your needs and budget as efficiently as possible.

The practice is rated for its “excellent response times, industry-specific knowledge and commercial attitude.


Part of your team

We don’t work separately from our clients, we like to get stuck in, put on our wellies and take an active role in your project. We believe that collaboration helps everyone work smarter and get the best results, so we act as an extension of your project team. By blending skills, mindsets and expertise, we deliver the most effective, tailored service to each of our clients.

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