Being happy and productive at work requires an environment that is supportive to both your career goals and personal wellbeing. As an employee you have specific rights and your employer has a duty to treat you a certain way.

Your relationship with your employer can be affected by a variety of issues such as a business reorganisation, changes in personnel or health issues. We aim to ensure you are treated fairly at all times.

If you are made redundant, bullied, or unfairly disciplined you need sound independent legal advice to understand your legal rights and the options available to you. This is equally important if you are offered a settlement agreement, are self-employed or are simply wanting to understand the impact of any restrictive covenants. We can help you with all these issues and will provide sound advice on any aspect of your working relationship.

Expert service and clear advice

Our team of experienced senior employment law experts will provide you with clarity and a clear framework for action. We will help you understand your rights, the applicable due process and advise on a cost-effective way forward to help you achieve your desired outcome. This may involve challenging a decision or raising a complaint under a disciplinary appeal or grievance procedure. We will also negotiate on your behalf with your current or former employer in a measured and effective way.

Proactive service delivery

Our services always maintain the highest standards, including the fundamentals such as prompt responses, turnaround speed, accessibility and proactivity in helping you manage any process or issue.

We can help you with redundancy warnings, consultations, and dismissals – especially during the current coronavirus pandemic. The scope of our expertise is wide ranging and includes, for example, pay, harassment, discrimination and whistleblowing issues, which are often (though not always) resolved on agreed terms in settlement agreements, which we are adept at negotiating.

The Right Team

We will work closely with you, usually with the assistance of a senior solicitor who will manage the relationship and keep you informed throughout on the progress of your matter.

Contact Us

If you need employment law advice on how to manage or respond to any issue, dispute or settlement agreement with your current or former employer, contact Noel Deans on +44 (0) 1494 478 669, email at or use our contact form.

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