Legal services for victims of domestic abuse.

Taking the first step towards ending domestic abuse can be difficult, but our experienced lawyers can help you ensure that you and your children are protected. It is important to understand that you are not alone, and there is a large network of support available for you, including legal measures.

Our expert team will sensitively guide you through the process of obtaining a Court order to protect and if necessary, safeguard you and your children from abusive behaviour. 

Bringing abuse of all kinds to an end 

Domestic abuse can take many forms, from physical abuse and domestic violence to incidents of controlling, coercive behaviour including financial control. Because it takes so many forms, often people feel unsure about whether they have become a victim of abuse. If you, a family member or a friend is a victim of abuse, or suspects they may be, your first step should always be to contact the National Domestic Abuse Helpline

The family law team at Blaser Mills Law can provide a clear process and framework for obtaining either a non-molestation order or an occupation order. These make it a criminal offence for the person abusing you to continue their behaviour or live in the same property as you. If they breach these Court orders, they could face prison. We will also guide you through the Family Court process, helping you ensure your children are also protected now and into the future. By taking a decisive step to end your current situation, you are taking your first brave steps towards longer term security. The team at Blaser Mills Law will support you every step of the way.

What is domestic abuse?

Domestic abuse takes many forms, from physical and sexual abuse to emotional abuse and incidents of controlling, coercive behaviour that occur between people in a relationship. Despite its name, this kind of abuse can happen anywhere, including over the phone or social networking sites. Although people often think of domestic abuse as violence or sexual abuse, it can also include being stopped from leaving the house, prevented from associating with others or having finances or privacy controlled.

Is domestic abuse a crime?

Many kinds of domestic abuse are criminal acts and can be reported to the police, and we are here to help domestic abuse victims take legal action and, in some cases, work alongside our criminal lawyers. The experienced family law team at Blaser Mills Law can help you get your property back or help you become the legal owner of a property, ensure the welfare of your children and end your marriage or civil partnership. We will also help you obtain the right Court orders so that you have the full protection of the law on your side.

How to report domestic abuse 

Before you consider legal action, it is important you report the domestic abuse that you or a family member is suffering. Contact the National Domestic Abuse Helpline. There are also many other organisations that can help domestic abuse victims take steps forward, and many also provide ongoing support. If you want to discuss your situation with us first then that too is an option. If you are in fear of immediate harm, we would always encourage you to call the Police on 999. When you are ready to take legal action, we will be there to do everything we can to get the best outcome for you.

Get legal support today 

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