The expert sports lawyers at Blaser Mills Law have built up strong expertise when it comes to advising rugby clubs, managers and players from the premiership and championship.

We offer strategic and commercially focused legal expertise for every challenge our clients face, and every opportunity open to them. From contracts to commercial law, intellectual property and appeals to governing bodies, we have a solution and a clear way forward.

Putting the right expertise on your team

Having the right legal experts on your side can elevate your club from being a group of talented, hardworking athletes and coaches to a standout brand and value-creating entity. The competitive challenges players on the pitch face is only one element of long-term success and we can help you to maximise your value, deal with any disputes and protect your assets. Teams and clubs need passion, creativity and brilliance to succeed, and the same applies to the legal team they turn to for guidance and advice.

For clubs and managers, our team of expert sports lawyers provides full commercial and legal support. We negotiate and review contracts and agreements, help you attract investment, manage commercial real estate and bring results to a swift and constructive resolution. For players and retired professionals, we can help with every aspect of their employment, sponsorship and ambassadorial agreements, but also their privacy and image rights. Our services help every part of a club work more effectively together and achieve the best results possible.

We match the ambition of our clients and are always looking to help them reach the next level. This means taking an innovative approach to problems and thinking beyond the law to identify how they can reach their full potential. No two clubs or teams are the same, so our approach is always tailored. We work with each of our clients to put a long-term strategy in place, and then create a clear framework for making it happen. This means providing clear, pragmatic advice on every aspect of your operations, from contracts and employment to disputes and real estate.

An excellent team, with an outstanding client list. Blaser Mills has a very good track record in the area.


Services we offer our rugby clients:

Contracts and agreements

  • Player and team contracts
  • Supply chain and supplier contracts, orders, deals and negotiations
  • Confidentiality agreements and NDAs
  • Sponsorship and merchandising agreements
  • Ambassadorial agreements

Corporate and commercial

  • Club investment
  • Club acquisition and sale
  • Real estate and development
  • Corporate governance

People and assets

  • Team and player employment and HR advice
  • Intellectual property licensing
  • Brand, image rights and reputation management
  • Commercial property

Dispute resolution and arbitration

  • Player disputes
  • Equipment issues and decisions appeals
  • Appeals to governing bodies
  • Debt recovery 

Personal affairs for individuals

  • Property transactions
  • Wealth protection, planning and trust creation
  • Matrimonial and divorce matters

Immigration for individuals and organisations

  • (Sportsperson) T2 visa
  • (Temporary Worker – Creative and Sporting) T5 visa
  • Worker or Temporary Worker Sponsor Licence

A global rugby law network

Rugby is truly an international sport, gaining new fans around the world every year. This means that clubs, managers and players need a legal team that matches their global reach. We help players navigate immigration processes and help clubs do business with foreign investors or buyers. As founders of a global network of sports law specialists from over 29 countries and spread over every continent, we can match our expertise with local insight and experience wherever you need it. This allows us to be truly responsive to the evolving needs of our clients in an increasingly popular global sport.

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