When you are in the business of winning, you need to have the right team behind you. The world of sport is all about competition, both on and off the field.

Our specialist team of sports lawyers has represented elite sports professionals, clubs, teams and other parties at the highest levels of sport, including football, motorsport and rugby, helping them deal quickly with challenges and take full advantage of opportunities. From contracts and employment law to intellectual property and sponsorship, we offer clear guidance with a commercial focus.

Lawyers for sports professionals, teams and clubs

The individuals and organisations we work for in the sports sector have a vast array of legal needs. We are able to provide real value by having the full range of specialist knowledge and expertise to help with every aspect of their operations.

Our team ensures that across football, rugby and motorsport, professionals are treated fairly, clubs and teams are able to achieve maximum commercial value and our clients are compliant with a shifting and evolving body of laws and regulations.

Sport affects the lives of millions of people every day, so we don’t just have a professional interest in the work we do. We have a personal passion for creating the best results possible for our clients. The services, guidance and advice we provide help players perform at the highest levels, and help clubs and teams achieve their strategic goals. Our insight and expertise allows us to operate on the cutting-edge of developments in the sports sector, from technology to regulation. We know that sport is about more than legal matters; it is about passion, creativity and brilliance too.

An excellent team, with an outstanding client list. Blaser Mills has a very good track record in the area.


The support we regularly offer to sports professionals includes:

Helping sports professionals maximise their value

We help individuals with every aspect of their professional and personal lives, so that they are free to focus on performing at their best. Our team works with players, intermediaries and other professional advisers, helping them negotiate the best employment contracts, make the most of sponsorships and endorsements, and protect their brand and image rights.

Our lawyers also represent sports professionals in dispute resolution and help them protect their reputation and privacy. We understand that when working in such a public sphere, it is important we always act with discretion. But it is equally important we act with clarity and authority. The world of sports law is complex, but our approach never is. You can count on us for straightforward, pragmatic guidance every time.

Supporting professionals in personal matters

We also help sports professionals structure their wealth, complete residential property transactions and deal with the full range of family issues from pre-nuptial agreements to divorce and childcare. Because we work collaboratively across the whole of Blaser Mills Law, our clients benefit from a wealth of specialist expertise on everything from immigration to intellectual property.

Commercially focused support for clubs and organisations

We work with our clients to maximise their commercial position, comply with regulations and promote their brands. Our team has advised both organisations and investors on the acquisition of clubs, securing the best sponsorship and attracting the brightest talent. Investment and sponsorship agreements play a crucial role in driving the development of the sports we all love, from training academies to the latest technological innovations. In such a fast-moving and dynamic environment, there are serious consequences to not keeping up. That is why we do more for clubs and sport teams than simply present the legal options; we help them operate in a strategic way towards their commercial goals.

Our commercial lawyers provide guidance on every aspect of our clients’ legal needs. We can draft contracts, advise on acquisitions and disposals, manage brands, support with merchandising, licensing and franchising, as well as issues relating to broadcasting, digital media and technology. Our deep understanding of the sports industry’s commercial environment allows us to build a tailored law team from across our firm, so you always have the right expertise and knowledge to hand.

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Our sports lawyers understand the issues you face and can provide you with a clear framework for resolving issues and achieving the most commercial value. Contact Hiren Ghandi on 079 1781 1014, or send an email to hjg@blasermills.co.uk.