Legal advice on land sales and acquisitions.

Buying and selling land is crucial to successful real estate and development projects, so it is important to have expert support.

Central to this is a legal team that understands not just how to optimise the purchase and sale process, but also how it fits into the wider property development process and your commercial objectives. At Blaser Mills Law, we provide the full range of legal, commercial and strategic guidance throughout the entire lifecycle of our clients’ projects.

Minimising risk, maximising value

We advise individuals, companies, unincorporated associations, charities and both commercial and residential developers through every aspect of the land acquisition and sale process. No matter the size or complexity of the project we always give our clients clear and strategic advice tailored to their needs. We know the property development process is about more than the law; it is about meeting commercial objectives and creating developments of the highest quality for businesses and families. That is why we work as an integrated part of our client’s project teams, responding to challenges quickly, ensuring risks are managed and minimising disruption.

From single developments to large-scale residential or mixed-use developments, our property development lawyers will help you perform due diligence, draft legal documentation, and ensure you get maximum value from your purchase or sale. And because we work with our clients throughout the entire property development process, we can provide a broader legal perspective on your project. This allows us to help you make sure you have considered all your options, and the implications of each, before you commit to a purchase or sale.

The land acquisition process

We can add value at every stage of the land acquisition process, from due diligence and strategic thinking right through to the transaction itself. Our expert land and property development lawyers will undertake all necessary searches and make enquiries as well as carry out a comprehensive investigation of the title. We will also review and draft the relevant development, planning, infrastructure and environmental agreements to ensure your project can proceed efficiently with no disruptions or delays.

We can also work with your bank or financial institution to make sure any funding transactions run as smoothly as possible. We can also work alongside our network of surveyors, accountants, architects, project managers and any other property specialists professionals to ensure you have the expertise you need at all times.

Selling land

Plot sales and the disposal of land can be a complex undertaking, especially for developments with mixed-use or bespoke buildings. Each plot may have specific requirements when it comes to the rights being granted, the rights reserved, public amenities, access and infrastructure. Because we have a deep understanding of the entire property development process and experience of working with all the parties involved, we know the best ways to optimise the sales process and create the best value for you. We will keep to your deadlines and push through the sale, making sure we maintain your cash flow, manage challenges and minimise your financial obligations to lenders. You can be sure that we have every detail covered, no matter how complex the process or the number of units.

The practice is rated for its “excellent response times, industry-specific knowledge and commercial attitude.


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