With a decline of its traditional high street, High Wycombe has been striving for new ways to invoke some spirit and identity into the local area.

The DesBox development, as part of a wider redevelopment of several sites throughout High Wycombe, is seeking to create an artistic hub with a view to sparking a rejuvenation of the town.

DesBox will consist of 135 recycled shipping containers, comprised of 52 studio units over three floors. This will also include storage space and a café on the ground floor. The DesBox initiative aims to ride on the back of similar success stories such as Box Park in Shoreditch and will seek to reinvigorate the western side of the town centre.

This project has been commissioned by Wycombe District Council in order to rehome the local artistic community who have been affected by the residential redevelopment of their existing commercial space. The vision is to attract micro-businesses and artists to the area and redefine the town centre. DesBox will hopefully transform the Baker Street area of town into a bustling hive of business activity.

Wycombe District Council have confirmed the appointment of Chandler Garvey as letting and managing agent to the scheme.

Blaser Mills Law is located less than a stone’s throw away from the new DesBox site, and we are looking forward to seeing this exciting new project take shape. As part of the High Wycombe town centre community, we look forward to supporting this new venture.